Thursday, 5 November 2009

Keep on the sunny side

So, I've been keeping pretty busy. Autumn presents a set of challenges for those of us who like to follow the warming rays of the sun around the house. The trouble is that in autumn the sun is at the kind of angle that let's the rays fall into the most awkward of places.
Sun, or no sun, this chair is to small for me. Why must STAFF be so selfish and buy this kind of tat? And why not move one of my sofas into the sunny spot? How lazy!
At least I can move these cozy rugs into the sun. It's quite easy to do. You just have to sit and look mournfully at a sunny spot on the hard, hard wooden floors. And then do a couple of gentle feeps, and, eh voila, STAFF come running and move the rugs for you. Not bad. And yet, I feel my earlier comments on the moving of sofas would apply here, too! I'll mention it to STAFF next time.

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