Thursday, 29 October 2009

Halloween.....Trick or Treat!

I am totally getting into the Halloween spirit this year. But no silly costumes for me. I have chosen something very stylish. And noble.

Meet Count Ottula. (Imagine you hear thunder rolling in the distance. And the hooting of owls.)
And from now on I shall speak in zer accent of zer Transylvanian. And I shall make use of my power to teach zer squirrels not to tease zer Count - zey shall get a fright when I flap into zer tree and give zem a BIG smile.... (Imagine more ominous thunder now, if you would).

Until zen, Happy Halloween!


weim761 said...

Darlin Count Ottula - another bite of blood sausage for you my sweet -our window will be open in hopes that you appear to feast with the big grey girls before sunrise is near....

Count Ottula said...

My dearest Grey girls. How could zer Count resist such a fine offer! I shall fly to you. And fly fast!