Saturday, 20 September 2008

Setting the record straight!

Look, I'll show you my nicely fixed tooth. See the canine, looking strangely flat? That's the one I had fixed. Now it has a nice filling and rubber reinforcing. Painfree and all ready for action! I'm quite glad that I had that operation.

Anyway, I spent all day yesterday relaxing and getting rid off that anaesthesia hangover. I tried all my favourite places in the sun, on the rugs, the sofa, my bean bed, curled in a ball, stretched out on my side, rolled on my back. You name it, I relaxed in it.

And now it is time to let the STAFF know a few things. THEY had been insinuating for some time that I was getting old and had slowed down. Now, I know that THEY are not blessed with the greatest of intellects, but surely even THEY should be able to work out that a guy whose got a constant toothache is just not up to running around, hunting, barking, snuggling on the sofa, etc. 
THEY had been kidding themselves that I was all super duper obedience Weimaraner now. Pah! THEY'll soon see... I am back! I am ready for action! I am full of energy! 
You should have seen THEIR worried little faces this morning when I insisted, quite forcefully, that we get up early and for my walk and I made them go an extra long round.
THEY said I was getting old? Hah! Let's see whether THEY'll be able to keep up with me!

I'll keep you posted.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Root canal treatment: Success!

I am just glad it's all behind me now. It started with a discoloured canine, which the STAFF spotted when we got back from holiday in August. The vets here gave me a general anaesthetic, took some x-rays, but didn't see anything wrong with it. 
But, they did send the x-ray to a specialist veterinary dentist, and he said it was non-vital pulp damage and that my tooth would die slowly and it would have to come out or I'd need root canal treatment. 
Not good!
We went yesterday to have it done. But we had to drive all the way to Surrey to get to see Norman Johnstone of dentalVets. I hate saying it, but he's a really nice guy! Apparently, our normal vets have me down as a problem case, but Norman was such an easy going chap, I let him look at my teeth and all, no growling. Now, there was someone with a good barnside manner! I wasn't pleased when he explained the procedure in detail to the STAFF, but I focussed on the bit where he said I'd be much better after having it done. 
The STAFF callously left me there and went somewhere. Probably without a care in the world. I have already marked them down for punishment for that offense. Don't worry. Where was I? Oh, yes. THEY left me, and then I had to wait ages, because a big bull mastiff was having his op first. Apparently it was a case of poking him with tranquilizers from a distance, do the surgery as quick as possible and then get rid of him before he comes around again. And our vets think that I am a problem case? Maybe I should make introductions between them and Bully Mastiff?
Once I went under it was all a bit of a blur. I hear that 4mm thin wires drilled out the pulp and special American slow drills were needed to get around an obstruction. But I was not listening to all that. Made me feel queasy...
The upshot is, my canine is shorter, with a nice solid filling, some rubber filling in the pulp canal and much less pain. 
Now, if you excuse me, I didn't get much food yesterday, so I have a busy day of eating ahead of me!

Oh, and the vet has some nice pictures of my tooth, which he will send to the STAFF. I'll post them here once I have them. 

But this pup has no dodgy pulp any more and is ready to rumble!
After a few hours of rest...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Happy birthday, little Schnuffie!

Blimey, I am 9 years old today. I wonder whether I have to start acting mature? I hope not. I still feel like a puppy. Not that I am as annoying as a puppy, of course. I am sure I can use this age thing to my advantage though. The STAFF are always quite gullible. You know, look a little shivery and the fire goes on. Look a bit more shivery and blankets get draped around you lovingly. These sorts of things are quite handy. I shall dedicate some time over the next few weeks to investigate these possibilities. 
In the meantime, I cannot hide my disappointment at the gifts the STAFF got me. It's not at all what I wanted (a remote control for the central heating,  my own account at the organic butcher's, the Walchensee, to name just a few things on my list), but I suppose THEY have made some sort of effort. The chicken will be yummy, and the squeaky toy won't annoy with its squeakiness for long. And now, we must be off hunting. It's a nice crisp day and there are some squirrels I'd like to give a little birthday surprise to, so to speak.