Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yawning is contagious

I looked at the picture of a very cute Weimaraner girl yawning today. And this is what happened.....
How long can you look at my picture before your jaws start twitching and you feel the irresistible urge to .....fight it.... fight it..... ooooooaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyaaaaaawwwnnnnnnnnn.....

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Speeding without speedos

You never know where a car journey might take you. Well, unless it is to the v.e.t.s. You can tell those trips from the stress hormones the STAFF exude. 
On a hot day, like today, the STAFF have the car windows open, and my fan going and I can tell pretty soon what route we're taking. So, I knew we were off to go swimming. Ah, well, it is good for my arthritis. And I was feeling a little stiff after hunting squirrels today, so I decided to be cooperative. And why not? Not that big a deal, if you don't act like that all the time. 

But before we hopped (read: were thrown in) the pool, I had a chance to soak up some rays and hope for the local goats to make an appearance. Nothing like a staring competition with a goat. Even though I have to admit that I often blink first, dangit!

And into the waves. I think I look totally fierce here. Like jaws! Only sleeker and meaner! If you manage to look past the 80s headband and orange life jacket, that is. Come on, try harder! See it now?

And then out of the pool, a quick hippie-hippie-shake and bang down the door to the tuck shop.

And after all these exertions can you really blame me for kicking back and relaxing under my favourite cat blanket?

A very exhausting day indeed. But tomorrow I shall be all supple again and no little aches and pains for me. All in all, I'd have to say it's worth it.

The Great Pig Swindle of Snottingham

I was conned. Cruelly. By the STAFF. THEY came back from shopping and when I did the customary bag inspection, THEY trilled happily that THEY got me a little something. In response to my inquiring look THEY said: "We got you a pig". Well, my heart nearly thumped out through my thorax in excited joy! Focus, I told myself. Focus! Now was not the time to mess things up. A whole pig! After hours of fumbling in the bag, the STAFF got it out and presented it to me. I had not felt this happy in months, years, ever! - and ran off at high speed to my soft eating area, reserved for eating special treats. 

I sort of knew something was wrong. I had seen pigs before and they seemed, well, big. So, I was surprised I could carry a whole one in my mouth, just like that. And then more things began to feel wrong.... like the taste.... and the texture.... and well, everything! 
And suddenly realisation hit me like a streak of bacon in the face - only not at all like bacon in a very important way. It's a toy. 'Amusingly' shaped like a pig. It's an oinking toy, would you believe!? My disappointment was limitless and crushing. As you can imagine, I have not looked at the pig, or the STAFF, since this incident. I am treating all of them with the disdain they deserve. 
I know TWO people, who are completely off my Christmas list. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

weimaraner water baby

Hydrotherapy - much talked about fountain of youth! Here you can see me in action! 
And I shall show you soon just how floppy I am after those sessions. Bye, bye arthritis! Hello joie de vivre!

Monday, 13 July 2009

at least Doggy understands me...

wherever I lay my head had better be comfy and cosy. Frankly, I have had a bit of a stressful day. Full of leaks, plumbers, stress..... Pffffftttt. 
I do so hate it when the STAFF call intruders to the house. These people turning up with their tools and whatnot and I am under strict order not to kill them. Or bite them. Or take a nibble. Or even bark at them for an appropriate amount of time. 

It is very exhausting to engage in this counter-instinctual behaviour. So, once the excitement was over, I needed to find me a place where I could kick back and relax. A place where I could hang out with my buddy Doggy, who understands me. Not with the STAFF who, frankly, did not please me today. 

After my schnuzzle with my buddy, I may be ready to give THEM another chance for tomorrow. 
But for now, I am shutting the world out. Good night.  

Saturday, 11 July 2009

rubber sticks are great!

I got myself a new toy. I am so full of energy now and no niggly aches and pains. Nothing! And it is all down to this wonderful hydrotherapy I get. Hydrotherapy = joie de vivre! Anyway, last time we were at hydrotherapy I spotted these cool new toys. Sticks, but made from rubber by ruff dawgs. Totally safe! I indicated to the STAFF that I wanted one, and, naturally, THEY bought it. THEY are soft as anything when I go swimming. Well, most of the time really. And one day, THEY will get me a pig's ear in the tuck shop, I just know it. But, yes, my new toy.
So, this morning we took it to the Best Wood, handed it to the STAFF who can throw slightly better than the other one, and offffffffff I went!
Overshot it a little bit on the first go. After all, I had been totally out of practice with the whole playing thing. 
So, we're having another go.
And - PERFECT! Got it in one. 
I also scooped up quite a lot of grass with that one. 
But I quickly got rid off that, so that I could pose with my kill! Hah!
But being in the Best woods is not all fun and games! There is also quite a lot of wee-mail that needs reading and replying to. Even though I wish the STAFF would have the grace not to take pictures during these private, er, conversations. 
Anyway, all in all, I am having a great time! Would you know it - I am a totally happy kinda guy right now!

All the activity has left me slightly tired. I am resting on my timeshare. A splendid arrangement I have with the STAFF: I get it during the day and THEY get it at night. Unless there are fireworks or thunderstorms. Then we all share. 

Night, night. See you later for evening patrol. Until then, be off! 

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

keeping cool, but not too cool, in the heatwave

Whoaaa. Heatwave. Too hot to type. Too hot to think. Can only lie in front of the fan.

But at least it means that my washing is drying fast!

Heatwave or no. When there is sun, you have to go outside and soak up the rays. It's a cultural thing!

And to cool yourself down - Astromarmite popsicles!
A whole tray full of frozen goodness. Yum!
It's best to have them in the shade. And they cool you down enough to return straight back into the sun. Excellent!
Mmmhhh, mmmmhhh, mmmmhh. Ice-cream!
And crunch, crunch, crunch it's gone! Sometimes the STAFF do have good ideas!