Monday, 13 July 2009

at least Doggy understands me...

wherever I lay my head had better be comfy and cosy. Frankly, I have had a bit of a stressful day. Full of leaks, plumbers, stress..... Pffffftttt. 
I do so hate it when the STAFF call intruders to the house. These people turning up with their tools and whatnot and I am under strict order not to kill them. Or bite them. Or take a nibble. Or even bark at them for an appropriate amount of time. 

It is very exhausting to engage in this counter-instinctual behaviour. So, once the excitement was over, I needed to find me a place where I could kick back and relax. A place where I could hang out with my buddy Doggy, who understands me. Not with the STAFF who, frankly, did not please me today. 

After my schnuzzle with my buddy, I may be ready to give THEM another chance for tomorrow. 
But for now, I am shutting the world out. Good night.  

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