Thursday, 23 July 2009

Speeding without speedos

You never know where a car journey might take you. Well, unless it is to the v.e.t.s. You can tell those trips from the stress hormones the STAFF exude. 
On a hot day, like today, the STAFF have the car windows open, and my fan going and I can tell pretty soon what route we're taking. So, I knew we were off to go swimming. Ah, well, it is good for my arthritis. And I was feeling a little stiff after hunting squirrels today, so I decided to be cooperative. And why not? Not that big a deal, if you don't act like that all the time. 

But before we hopped (read: were thrown in) the pool, I had a chance to soak up some rays and hope for the local goats to make an appearance. Nothing like a staring competition with a goat. Even though I have to admit that I often blink first, dangit!

And into the waves. I think I look totally fierce here. Like jaws! Only sleeker and meaner! If you manage to look past the 80s headband and orange life jacket, that is. Come on, try harder! See it now?

And then out of the pool, a quick hippie-hippie-shake and bang down the door to the tuck shop.

And after all these exertions can you really blame me for kicking back and relaxing under my favourite cat blanket?

A very exhausting day indeed. But tomorrow I shall be all supple again and no little aches and pains for me. All in all, I'd have to say it's worth it.

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