Sunday, 27 January 2008

No complaints...

The STAFF treated me with extreme cruelty when they would not take me out on the pretense that my broken nail needed to heal, and I did let them know I was not pleased. But after 72 hours of sheer hell, and another 48 hours with just two boring walks I was back in the Best Wood. Phew.

Now I am quite pleased, happy and tired. Some nasty people have suggested that, as I had no complaints, I have been neglecting my blog. This is just nasty talk. Really. There is a really good alternative explanation, which I am formulating as we speak.

You can see me formulating here, whilst cunningly looking as though I am schnoozing in the sunshine on my private sofa.

Did I mention that I have a new title? I have been watching the West Wing with the STAFF, and I now make them call me Chief of STAFF. A very appropriate title, don't you think? And it reflects the hierarchy in our residence so very accurately.

Must be off, there is sleep to catch up on.


Chief of STAFF

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Ouchy! Can you see my nail all torn and the quick exposed and ..... [Sorry, I fainted just then]. It is all rather sore. What happened, I hear you cry? Well, I was on an early morning hunt in the woods in the dark and I must have caught my foot on something and torn the top of my nail off. Of course the STAFF were nowhere to be seen. And why do they force us out before sunrise anyway. I put on a brave face: Know No Pain - that's my motto.

I only licked it very surreptitiously when I was resting in my batchelor pad after the morning's exertion, but the &%$# STAFF with their hypersensitive perception noticed it anyway and dragged me to the Vet's, as I knew they would. Traitors!

And the vet said I had to rest and not exercise until the nail had hardened, because if I split it further I'd need an operation to have the nail removed and my paw would be bandaged for weeks.
Well, it's a risk I would take, and I explained that to the STAFF. But no! Do they take me out? Do they take me out? Do they heck! I have to drag them around the streets in the morning, which is not very comfortable at all.
And I am soooo bored. Please send sympathy.

One interesting obervation: as soon as I lick my poorly paw, the STAFF proffer food, play games, cuddle me or give me some kind of attention. Hmmm, maybe I'll be able to while away the boredom over the next few days after all...