Sunday, 11 May 2008

Water - glorious water (and mud!)

I told you there'd be more excitement today! We went to one of my favouritest places (apart from the Best Wood). Clumber National Park, which has - wait for it - a Lake! Just for me. I can paddle in it. I can drink it. I can piddle it back out again. It's like a magic Circle of Wonderful. 

We got there early, of course, but the sun was nice and warm. Not too warm. There was noone aound - just the STAFF and I and a whole big lake to play in. Perfect!
I couldn't wait to get into the water. In fact, I didn't wait, and went right in. The STAFF, as always, were reluctant to get their feet wet. But I shared some of the water I accumulated in my coat with them by shaking vigorously. I think THEY really appreciated that.

And then we played Shticks in the water. My favourite!
There is nothing like the taste of slightly soggy wood straight from a lake. If you haven't tried it, well, frankly, you haven't lived!

Now, just look at these little cute feathery balls of fluff. 
Isn't it all a splendid sight?

It was such a great trip out! And even though I tried to run through a wire fence and got stopped very rudely and abruptly in my tracks, it was just perfect. In fact, the whole weekend was just great! I was in such a good mood that I gave the STAFF the evening off and sent them to the cinema. I can be generous to a fault when the mood takes me. 

But now, I must sleep. All this activity has really tired me out. And I am not used to being in such a good mood, so that takes a bit of getting used to. I wonder whether it will last...?

Saturday, 10 May 2008

A Weimy's work is never done!

Pfffffff.... I am quite tired. Now I am not one for complaining (inexplicably the STAFF seem to be sniggering and frankly almost guffawing as I type this. I don't know why - it's just THEM being rude!). As I was saying: I am not one for complaining, but today was extremely busy!

It started like any good Saturday should: up at 6:30am (slightly late for my liking, but the STAFF are hard to get out of bed sometimes), and off to the Best Wood. 

Here you can see me scampering about in the lush vegetation, just looking around. 
And then of course I spotted the cheeky little camper. See for yourself! There it sat, bold as anything. You've got to admire that kind of courage!

If I am honest, I thought that this was quite a cute little squirrel. So, I acted as though I had not seen it, in order to stop the STAFF from getting overexcited. I didn't want THEM to scare the cheeky little fella.

The little scamp went up a tree anyway. Probably safest. After all, the STAFF are liable to point and bark all excitedly when THEY see squirrels. 

After the nice walk, I had been hoping to get a bit of sleep. But no, the STAFF roped me into helping with the gardening. I don't think I should have to work at all. But THEY work me harder than you can imagine! 

I did a nice job of the flower beds though, even if I say so myself. That was before the STAFF jealously shooed me away. Just because my efforts in gardening always outshine theirs, and THEY just cannot take the creative competition. Oh well. I got quite a bit of work done anyway.

And now I will sleep. It has been a busy day, and I am sure tomorrow will hold more excitement. 

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Foam density and Feather Filling under the Spotlight

Continuing my pursuit of PhD sleep research at a relentless pace, with no consideration for my own comfort or well-being, I have today investigated the puzzling, most important and thus far unanswered question of the number of cushions needed to get really comfy. 

After much study I can reveal the following, extremely newsworthy results: 2 for the bottom, one for the head and chest, with additional armrest support and blanket covering. Aaaahhh....
Today was a good day for science. And not too bad for the scientist either, if you see what I mean. Will I be able to replicate or even expand on this wonderful study? Probably not. You see, the STAFF, both firmly placed in the category of 'Total Ignoramus' have made off with my materials and dragged them into the washing machine. I don't even know when I will get my vital research tools back, and when I do, I bet you they'll be all smelly and gross. 

But that's what science is all about. You cannot spare yourself any hardship in the relentless pursuit of knowledge. I'll think of other ways to expand my research. You'll see.  

Sunday, 4 May 2008

all in the name of science...

Sleeping time, and the living is easy. 
Squirrels are jumping in trees on high!
The STAFF are rich, and I am good looking.
So, why would this Weimy cry?
I am sure that's how the lullaby went. I was humming it to myself as I am pursuing my PhD in sleep research. Today's experiment: the STAFFs' sleeping positions on the sofa examined for relaxation, comfort, aesthetics and other factors. Of course, I look better in their pose than they do, but overall, my verdict is: Not bad! Not too bad at all!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Squirrels, squirrels...dropping out of trees!

So, the world is good again. I was back in the Best Wood on Tuesday morning and very pleased to see that my paw held up. On the downside I got no more medication which spelled the end of my Emmenthal tasting sessions, but hey ho, I'll think of some other ways to get my paws on some delicacies. 

The weather is quite nice again now. And I am sleeping very well. The STAFF and I sleep in separate rooms now, and it is very relaxing. I have a new bed, in addition to the sofa-bed, in my bachelor pad on the first floor and it is very comfy. So, all in all, life is good.

PS: Really, a squirrel did fall out of a tree. Poor thing. Couldn't quite make the jump... But before anyone could say "Gotcha" and get a protein-rich snack the little blighter had already up and left and was up the tree again. Had I not felt sorry for it, I could have had it all to myself. Silly me!