Saturday, 3 May 2008

Squirrels, squirrels...dropping out of trees!

So, the world is good again. I was back in the Best Wood on Tuesday morning and very pleased to see that my paw held up. On the downside I got no more medication which spelled the end of my Emmenthal tasting sessions, but hey ho, I'll think of some other ways to get my paws on some delicacies. 

The weather is quite nice again now. And I am sleeping very well. The STAFF and I sleep in separate rooms now, and it is very relaxing. I have a new bed, in addition to the sofa-bed, in my bachelor pad on the first floor and it is very comfy. So, all in all, life is good.

PS: Really, a squirrel did fall out of a tree. Poor thing. Couldn't quite make the jump... But before anyone could say "Gotcha" and get a protein-rich snack the little blighter had already up and left and was up the tree again. Had I not felt sorry for it, I could have had it all to myself. Silly me!

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