Saturday, 7 February 2009

it's still cold outside!

The STAFF made a big fuss about covering pipes etc. last night because it was meant to be really, really cold. I was a bit anxious about that and was quite pleased when THEY issued me with an extra blanket. Not that I have ever been cold in my super luxury bed by the radiator. No need to tell THEM that, eh!
I couldn't quite decide how cold it was outside when I woke up in the morning. What with being wrapped up in extra blankets and stuff. I knew it was the weekend, because the STAFF and I enjoy a coffee and a cuddle on the bed before we go out.
Anway, I needed to know just how cold it was, so I checked: ice and snow as far as I could see! I immediately alerted the STAFF to these ghastly conditions and made it very clear that I did not want to go out. Well, I thought I had made it very clear... but, as you can see, I found myself shortly afterwards in the "Best Wood When It Is Warm" - Woods.

I tried some iced stick, but it was not really my kinda thing. 
I was bouncing to keep warm. But that generated a lot of cold air with the ear-flapping.
I even posed for pictures all smily and happy, so that the STAFF would move on. Come on! Move and keep warm...! Normally, you see, I pose and when THEY are ready to take the shot I move. It is hilarious. THEY have hundreds of shots of Ottie's bottie. 
Anyway, maybe I am just in a bed/ bad mood today. I have a dicky tummy, that's what it is... I am sure I will be better tomorrow. 

Thursday, 5 February 2009

snow... sofa...

So, the STAFF dragged me out in the blizzard this morning. You can't see my face in this picture, but just imagine that I do not look happy! Things might be different when my new hurtta winter coat arrives. Ironically it is probably delayed in this weather. 
I got soooo cold. Doing a full roll in the snow when chasing the ringzinger did p-robably not help.
Thankfully I could communicate to the STAFF that I was verrry cold and THEY wrapped me up nice and tight in my favourite cat blanket. It's only right they did. I remember full well who dragged me out into the inclement weather!
Finally thawed-out and not sure whether things could get any better, the STAFF surprised me with the issue of my favourite ever snacks - Shrimps!
These, of course, were a present from Amber and Chez at k9active.
What a wonderful surprise that was! And they even sent a very nicely shrimp-scented card with it, telling me to get well from my ringzinger injury. The STAFF could learn a lot about treating an injured/ recuperating guy from Chez and Amber!
Even though it was all addressed to me, the MEANIE STAFF have been rationing the snacks. I have kept a close nose on THEM though and I don't think THEY snuck any for THEMSELVES. THEY would be in a lot of trouble if THEY did. 
Yummy, yummy, yummy in the Schnuffie's tummy!

Pity you cannot smell these. They are soooooooo good. But all mine. 

I'll doze now. Dreaming of shrimps. You cannot see my face now, but just imagine me smiling!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

stress testing the hurtta pro

So, we tested out my new hurtta pro raincoat today (see previous post). It wasn't raining (phew!), but we needed to check how it'd fit in the field, when I am running and chasing and jumping and, erm, weeing and .... you get the picture. And it was colder than a vet's thermometer out there, so having a windproof, yet breathable and athletic coat was not to be sniffed at! Incidentally, if you don't know how cold a vet's thermometer is, count yourself lucky! I could happily do without that particular bit of expertise.
Anyway, the STAFF coated me up, and off we went. What better way to stress test the coat than with a game of chase'n'kill with my ring zinger? Oddly enough, the unsporty member of STAFF is better with the ring zinger than the sporty one. It's really funny! Where was I? Oh, yes. Testing the coat under ring zinger conditions. And the result? See for yourself!

I'd say. bring on the next adventure holiday!

So, I am back home now and just as well! It has started snowing. I am watching the spectacle from my nicely warm corner on the leather sofa. It is very soothing. Good rest! But perhaps I should get the STAFF to get me the nice warm winter coat from to complete my wardrobe. I'll work on it!