Thursday, 5 February 2009

snow... sofa...

So, the STAFF dragged me out in the blizzard this morning. You can't see my face in this picture, but just imagine that I do not look happy! Things might be different when my new hurtta winter coat arrives. Ironically it is probably delayed in this weather. 
I got soooo cold. Doing a full roll in the snow when chasing the ringzinger did p-robably not help.
Thankfully I could communicate to the STAFF that I was verrry cold and THEY wrapped me up nice and tight in my favourite cat blanket. It's only right they did. I remember full well who dragged me out into the inclement weather!
Finally thawed-out and not sure whether things could get any better, the STAFF surprised me with the issue of my favourite ever snacks - Shrimps!
These, of course, were a present from Amber and Chez at k9active.
What a wonderful surprise that was! And they even sent a very nicely shrimp-scented card with it, telling me to get well from my ringzinger injury. The STAFF could learn a lot about treating an injured/ recuperating guy from Chez and Amber!
Even though it was all addressed to me, the MEANIE STAFF have been rationing the snacks. I have kept a close nose on THEM though and I don't think THEY snuck any for THEMSELVES. THEY would be in a lot of trouble if THEY did. 
Yummy, yummy, yummy in the Schnuffie's tummy!

Pity you cannot smell these. They are soooooooo good. But all mine. 

I'll doze now. Dreaming of shrimps. You cannot see my face now, but just imagine me smiling!


Ruben von Zwack said...

My poor friend,

we heard it all on the news about your weather. It's cold here, too, but noone forces me out, so I snooze on the radiator all day long.
By the way, couldn't the STAFF have ordered your winter coat in advance?
Gerlinde lost her mind and went for a day trip into the mountains, where, allegedly, the water froze in her bottle.

Did I mention Gerlinde has a new handbag? It doesn't look half as comfy as the old one - not that I could tell, because there is a lock on it! The thoughtlessness! How are you supposed to open it with paws? I wonder where Gerlinde's head was when she was buying it.

But enough of that.
If those shrimps of yours smell just half as lovely as I imagine, I would certainly fancy some. I am feeling hungry just from thinking about it. I shall go and inquire if there is anything good in the kitchen cupboard, right after I wrote this.

Keep up the good work with the STAFF!

Shrimp-loving Schnuffie said...


you are so very right! Of course the STAFF should have ordered my winter coat BEFORE winter set in. But one of them said that I didn't need a raincoat and a winter coat. Would you believe that?
THEY know nothing!

How does Gerlinde expect you to leave her presents in the handbag if you cannot open it? I thought she was smarter than that!

I am still sooooo jealous that you fit ON the radiator. Perhaps I can get the STAFF to buy bigger radiators, and then I can fit on them, too!

I won't be telling the STAFF about Gerlinde's trip to the wilderness. You know what THEY are like... THEY'd want to go, too, and would probably selfishly try to drag me along... I cannot risk that!
I am shuddering at the thought of cold that freezes water in a bottle. No, no, no. I won't even be thinking about it.

I can probably send you some shrimp snacks. They are really very yummy!

Have fun with Gerlinde,