Saturday, 7 February 2009

it's still cold outside!

The STAFF made a big fuss about covering pipes etc. last night because it was meant to be really, really cold. I was a bit anxious about that and was quite pleased when THEY issued me with an extra blanket. Not that I have ever been cold in my super luxury bed by the radiator. No need to tell THEM that, eh!
I couldn't quite decide how cold it was outside when I woke up in the morning. What with being wrapped up in extra blankets and stuff. I knew it was the weekend, because the STAFF and I enjoy a coffee and a cuddle on the bed before we go out.
Anway, I needed to know just how cold it was, so I checked: ice and snow as far as I could see! I immediately alerted the STAFF to these ghastly conditions and made it very clear that I did not want to go out. Well, I thought I had made it very clear... but, as you can see, I found myself shortly afterwards in the "Best Wood When It Is Warm" - Woods.

I tried some iced stick, but it was not really my kinda thing. 
I was bouncing to keep warm. But that generated a lot of cold air with the ear-flapping.
I even posed for pictures all smily and happy, so that the STAFF would move on. Come on! Move and keep warm...! Normally, you see, I pose and when THEY are ready to take the shot I move. It is hilarious. THEY have hundreds of shots of Ottie's bottie. 
Anyway, maybe I am just in a bed/ bad mood today. I have a dicky tummy, that's what it is... I am sure I will be better tomorrow. 

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