Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Please tell the STAFF that I feel fine!

So, back to the vets to check out the lump in my leg. Apparently it is just a sprained muscle. I'm sure I told you! In any case, I feel just fine, and would be quite happy to go running again. Honestly! All this sitting around is making me feel stir-crazy... but the vet convinced the STAFF that I should be rested more. I can't take it anymore! I miss the woods. The smells. The freedom!

The only slight sliver of hope is that I will start going swimming in a couple of weeks, some kind of hydrotherapy. I imagine it is going to be exactly like the Walchensee. 
Ah, memories of happier days...

The STAFF showed me some details of the place on the interweb, but there is no picture of the actual lake I'll get to swim in. No doubt it is just an oversight! And look at that poor fellow in the hoist. Thankfully this has nothing to do with me...Phew!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

waiting... waiting... worry

So, I'm back to waiting. No more running in the woods. No more running in the evening. No more running, full stop. 
It all went downhill on Tuesday night when the STAFF exploited an evening cuddling session and felt my front leg, screeched something about a lump and dragged me to the v.e.t. the next day. The v.e.t. (v.ery- e.vil - t.raitor) said I could do NO exercise ever again (apparently on the calendar that date falls on Monday. Whatever.). 
The STAFF seem worried. Not sure why. I am pretty sure it is just a torn muscle. I'm making use of the sunshine as I am waiting. Might as well. You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails, as I always say. If there's to be no exercise, you have to maximise the enjoyment of life's calmer pleasures.

I am sure the STAFF could learn a lot from my calm attitude. Don't you agree?
We'll know more on Monday. I'm hoping that I get to go swimming in the pool to help with my recovery. Paws crossed, eh!