Thursday, 28 May 2009

hydrotherapy spa treatment...aaaah...jacuzzi

As you know I have been spraining my paws a lot. No wonder, what with the STAFF forcing me to run through the woods every morning. Well, force is maybe too harsh a term. I admit that I do enjoy the woods, unless, that is, I sprain my paw.  Anyway, I  digress. 
So, the STAFF have decided to do something sensible and have started taking me to get hydrotherapy. We go to this really swish place - it has really nice staff and is very hygienic: the facilities are for clean canines only. No smelly bipeds. 

Aaaah, I do enjoy me a trip to the spa. I am not sure why I need the orange jacket. I am a fantastic swimmer! I could keep going for hours, nay days, weeks. But rules are rules and I put it on. 

And before I could even say 'What ho, my man!', I had been lifted into the pool. And off we went! Paddle, paddle, spread the toes, kick the legs, splash, splash, splash, splash. Wow, I did not realise that this would be such hard work. After what felt like hours, they tried to tell me I had been swimming for 5 minutes. What? Well, 5 minutes in Weimaraner time is probably like 5 hours STAFF time. 
Anyway, think 5 minutes of swimming doesn't sound like much? Well, go on, try it! Be my guest (find your own pool though!). But no breaks, mind. No pauses. No hanging on to the side. No, no, no! And no widdling in the pool! A, because it's gross and B, it costs £20 extra.

I enjoyed having a rest. Especially with my new friend Steve who knows how to put you at ease and all. 

And then more swimming. Another full five minutes! I have to admit to a little bit of puff-cheekedness on that second round. E.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g.!

And after all that exertion, my fair and just reward! The hot jacuzzi! 
Sure, getting in and out on the harness-hoist is not great.

But so totally worth it when you get in! Ah, hot water. Massaging you. Soothing your tired limbs. I could stay in here for hours. In fact, I have put a hot tub on my, as ever modest and reasonable, wish list. I hope the STAFF are not too tight-fisted! And I sincerely hope that THEY don't think I would let THEM share my hot tub!

After the hot tub I feel so relaxed that even the b.a.t.h. is not all that bad. 

Nor that big hot air dryer thing. Makes me go all fluffy and such.

And then off to the tuck shop for a well-earned snack! Yummy!
And after all that, I can just about manage to climb on the sofa, find a comfy, sunny spot and 3, 2, 1, zzzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz
My whole body feels all relaxed and supple and nimble and strong. I love it! I'm going again next week. This time I'll take my own cash, and when the STAFF aren't looking, I'll get one (or two) of everything from the tuck shop. 

I think I'll even go back when my paws are fine again. It is just soooo much fun!

Monday, 25 May 2009

warm weekend in wales (really!)

I was a little concerned when the STAFF put the bathtub on the car and got the camping gear together. The weather hadn't been great and I did not fancy spending a weekend sitting in the tent, with the STAFF all wet and miserable (and, frankly, smelly...) just because THEY never have the sense to bring enough towels and blankets to keep everyone dry and warm. Of course, there are ALWAYS enough blankets to keep me warm. First things first, eh!

So, I was a bit concerned when we set off.
But when we arrived I was well chuffed. A big field, with a nice view, and great smells (bacon, sausage, burger, sheep poo, fox poo, cow poo... etc, you get the picture)! I was surveying my new digs with much joy and anticipation for adventure!

But no adventure on an empty tummy, I always say. Well, nothing is much good when your tummy is empty. But anyway, there is something to be said for al fresco dining. Not least because I am  convinced the STAFF hand out bigger portions during these trips. Just as well, really! With all this fresh air, I found myself with a very healthy appetite

Here you see me enjoying a  nice relaxing spot of breakfast, in the great outdoors. I was taking my time and savouring the food. And yet I was done in 82 seconds flat (+ cleaning bowl and drinking time). 

I wish the STAFF would follow my example and speed up THEIR meal times, so that we could get going. I was power napping whilst THEY got ready. No point wasting time and energy!

A least I had a nice spot of sunshine to warm the belly and help the breakfast go down. Aaaah, outdoor living!

And then off to some adventures! Like here in the grounds of Chirk castle. 
And more lying in the sun. What's not to like?

Still, after a day of adventuring and all, I was quite tired and changed my Mount Batchelor pad day bed for my comfy bed. After all, it is important to get the idea across that not everyone wants to rough it. Sure, the STAFF like to think that they are getting back to nature (whatever that means... had they left nature at some point?), but I, I like to be comfortable.

And what is better than watching the sun set over the Welsh hills? And from the comfort of your own bed? It was splendid I tell you!

A magnificent sight, don't you think?

All that staring in the sun made my eyes a bit tender, so I thought I'd give the STAFF's shades a go. THEY can keep them, I tell you. I looked a fool! Not that THEY don't. Well, if someone has to look a fool, I'd rather it wasn't me!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

swimming is tiring and makes hungry!

I went for my first trip to the  hydrotherapy pool today - for my iffy paws. Wow it was tiring.As you can imagine, these paws can shift quite a bit of water! And shift water they did!
But it was all rather tiring. The hoist, the swimming, the jacuzzi (!), the shower and the blow-drying. All a bit scary, you know. My bath assistants were super nice though. So that was good. 
But it was  a lot of work and I am still waiting for my dinner. 
I am not sure yet what to make of it all. Right now, I am going to have a snooze. 

I'm going again next week - maybe I'll take some pictures then. 

Sunday, 17 May 2009

sea, sand and a bit of sun

As you know, my bladder and paw have given me a bit of (unrelated!) trouble recently. But after some awful weeks, I am much better now. The old bladder is jolly fine again and no more sign of any infection. Paw's still giving me a bit of trouble, but nothing major. With all that behind me, I could finally kick back and relax a little bit. And what better way to enjoy spring and the approaching summer than to plan a trip to the seaside. 
With that in mind, I did a bit of pre-tanning in the garden. I had to be ready for some seriously sunny sunshining wet water fun at the beach. 

Then on Friday, the STAFF packed up the car and a mere 5 hours later we were there. Too late for the beach, but I was ready to go the next morning.
 Now what I did not realise is that the North of England is a season behind. So, we arrived in dense haar at the beach. Haar, what is that, you ask. Well, it is really really bad fog.  
And as you can see, we could see nothing. 
If you look at my facial expression, you can see that I am not as happy as I thought I would be. Partly because of the haar. And partly because I can never quite remember whether sea water tastes nice or not. Note to self: not! I'll try and remember that for next time.
But, the next morning, it was b-eautiful and sunny. Really, really gorgeous. And the STAFF even remembered my ringzinger toy, which went and went and went a treat on the sand. 
I was in such a good mood that I even posed for the STAFF to take a picture with my kill, once I brought the ringzinger down. A glorious moment.  
But then I had to jump straight back into action. I wasn't sure whether I had seen some movement.  Quick! The ringzinger had to be killed good and proper, so it could not run off again. You know how it is, nothing personal. 
Ah, the sweet smile of success!
I was so happy on the beach, and I smiled at the STAFF so that THEY would get the idea. I did not, I say I did not, want to leave. Why would you? 
But as you could have guessed, it was all to no avail. After no time at all the STAFF dragged me to the car, ready to leave. And I was not happy. And I did not mind showing it. Not that the STAFF noticed. THEY drove off with me anyway. 

If you excuse me now, I have to sleep. Good night.