Sunday, 17 May 2009

sea, sand and a bit of sun

As you know, my bladder and paw have given me a bit of (unrelated!) trouble recently. But after some awful weeks, I am much better now. The old bladder is jolly fine again and no more sign of any infection. Paw's still giving me a bit of trouble, but nothing major. With all that behind me, I could finally kick back and relax a little bit. And what better way to enjoy spring and the approaching summer than to plan a trip to the seaside. 
With that in mind, I did a bit of pre-tanning in the garden. I had to be ready for some seriously sunny sunshining wet water fun at the beach. 

Then on Friday, the STAFF packed up the car and a mere 5 hours later we were there. Too late for the beach, but I was ready to go the next morning.
 Now what I did not realise is that the North of England is a season behind. So, we arrived in dense haar at the beach. Haar, what is that, you ask. Well, it is really really bad fog.  
And as you can see, we could see nothing. 
If you look at my facial expression, you can see that I am not as happy as I thought I would be. Partly because of the haar. And partly because I can never quite remember whether sea water tastes nice or not. Note to self: not! I'll try and remember that for next time.
But, the next morning, it was b-eautiful and sunny. Really, really gorgeous. And the STAFF even remembered my ringzinger toy, which went and went and went a treat on the sand. 
I was in such a good mood that I even posed for the STAFF to take a picture with my kill, once I brought the ringzinger down. A glorious moment.  
But then I had to jump straight back into action. I wasn't sure whether I had seen some movement.  Quick! The ringzinger had to be killed good and proper, so it could not run off again. You know how it is, nothing personal. 
Ah, the sweet smile of success!
I was so happy on the beach, and I smiled at the STAFF so that THEY would get the idea. I did not, I say I did not, want to leave. Why would you? 
But as you could have guessed, it was all to no avail. After no time at all the STAFF dragged me to the car, ready to leave. And I was not happy. And I did not mind showing it. Not that the STAFF noticed. THEY drove off with me anyway. 

If you excuse me now, I have to sleep. Good night. 


K9Active said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to the beach and managed to kill the RingZinger.
If you think the weather in the north of England is bad you should try a beach in Scotland BRRRRR!
Glad to hear you are felling better.
Nearly forgot we are getting a new brother, Blue, a hungarian Viszla born on the 17th May. Only 7 weeks till he arrives.
Amber & Chez

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Hey Amber and Chez,

wow a brother for you? The STAFF mentioned getting another dog a while ago, but I made it verrrry clear that I am, and always will be (trust me!), an Einzelhund. That's German for 'only-dog'.

I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun training the puppy! Good luck with that!