Thursday, 28 May 2009

hydrotherapy spa treatment...aaaah...jacuzzi

As you know I have been spraining my paws a lot. No wonder, what with the STAFF forcing me to run through the woods every morning. Well, force is maybe too harsh a term. I admit that I do enjoy the woods, unless, that is, I sprain my paw.  Anyway, I  digress. 
So, the STAFF have decided to do something sensible and have started taking me to get hydrotherapy. We go to this really swish place - it has really nice staff and is very hygienic: the facilities are for clean canines only. No smelly bipeds. 

Aaaah, I do enjoy me a trip to the spa. I am not sure why I need the orange jacket. I am a fantastic swimmer! I could keep going for hours, nay days, weeks. But rules are rules and I put it on. 

And before I could even say 'What ho, my man!', I had been lifted into the pool. And off we went! Paddle, paddle, spread the toes, kick the legs, splash, splash, splash, splash. Wow, I did not realise that this would be such hard work. After what felt like hours, they tried to tell me I had been swimming for 5 minutes. What? Well, 5 minutes in Weimaraner time is probably like 5 hours STAFF time. 
Anyway, think 5 minutes of swimming doesn't sound like much? Well, go on, try it! Be my guest (find your own pool though!). But no breaks, mind. No pauses. No hanging on to the side. No, no, no! And no widdling in the pool! A, because it's gross and B, it costs £20 extra.

I enjoyed having a rest. Especially with my new friend Steve who knows how to put you at ease and all. 

And then more swimming. Another full five minutes! I have to admit to a little bit of puff-cheekedness on that second round. E.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g.!

And after all that exertion, my fair and just reward! The hot jacuzzi! 
Sure, getting in and out on the harness-hoist is not great.

But so totally worth it when you get in! Ah, hot water. Massaging you. Soothing your tired limbs. I could stay in here for hours. In fact, I have put a hot tub on my, as ever modest and reasonable, wish list. I hope the STAFF are not too tight-fisted! And I sincerely hope that THEY don't think I would let THEM share my hot tub!

After the hot tub I feel so relaxed that even the b.a.t.h. is not all that bad. 

Nor that big hot air dryer thing. Makes me go all fluffy and such.

And then off to the tuck shop for a well-earned snack! Yummy!
And after all that, I can just about manage to climb on the sofa, find a comfy, sunny spot and 3, 2, 1, zzzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz
My whole body feels all relaxed and supple and nimble and strong. I love it! I'm going again next week. This time I'll take my own cash, and when the STAFF aren't looking, I'll get one (or two) of everything from the tuck shop. 

I think I'll even go back when my paws are fine again. It is just soooo much fun!

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