Friday, 19 June 2009

swimming - the fountain of youth!

So, I've been swimming a few times now. And it is great! A brisk swim against the most powerful jet streams you can imagine! Then the most sensational relaxation in the hot tub. Quick shower and rub down. Tuck shop and home. I'm going every week now and I am absolutely loving it!

I have not felt so good in years! My legs don't ache. And my muscles bulge. I could move mountains! I could fell trees with my bare paws and get me some squirrel snacks. I could run a marathon. Twice. In one day. I could do anything I wanted to! 

Right now, though, I am having a snooze with my buddy Larry Lamb. 

You would, too, if you could. Wouldn't you?

Tomorrow, I'll be ready for action again. Life, I am telling you, is good. 

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