Thursday, 8 May 2008

Foam density and Feather Filling under the Spotlight

Continuing my pursuit of PhD sleep research at a relentless pace, with no consideration for my own comfort or well-being, I have today investigated the puzzling, most important and thus far unanswered question of the number of cushions needed to get really comfy. 

After much study I can reveal the following, extremely newsworthy results: 2 for the bottom, one for the head and chest, with additional armrest support and blanket covering. Aaaahhh....
Today was a good day for science. And not too bad for the scientist either, if you see what I mean. Will I be able to replicate or even expand on this wonderful study? Probably not. You see, the STAFF, both firmly placed in the category of 'Total Ignoramus' have made off with my materials and dragged them into the washing machine. I don't even know when I will get my vital research tools back, and when I do, I bet you they'll be all smelly and gross. 

But that's what science is all about. You cannot spare yourself any hardship in the relentless pursuit of knowledge. I'll think of other ways to expand my research. You'll see.  

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