Saturday, 12 January 2008


Ouchy! Can you see my nail all torn and the quick exposed and ..... [Sorry, I fainted just then]. It is all rather sore. What happened, I hear you cry? Well, I was on an early morning hunt in the woods in the dark and I must have caught my foot on something and torn the top of my nail off. Of course the STAFF were nowhere to be seen. And why do they force us out before sunrise anyway. I put on a brave face: Know No Pain - that's my motto.

I only licked it very surreptitiously when I was resting in my batchelor pad after the morning's exertion, but the &%$# STAFF with their hypersensitive perception noticed it anyway and dragged me to the Vet's, as I knew they would. Traitors!

And the vet said I had to rest and not exercise until the nail had hardened, because if I split it further I'd need an operation to have the nail removed and my paw would be bandaged for weeks.
Well, it's a risk I would take, and I explained that to the STAFF. But no! Do they take me out? Do they take me out? Do they heck! I have to drag them around the streets in the morning, which is not very comfortable at all.
And I am soooo bored. Please send sympathy.

One interesting obervation: as soon as I lick my poorly paw, the STAFF proffer food, play games, cuddle me or give me some kind of attention. Hmmm, maybe I'll be able to while away the boredom over the next few days after all...


Gerlinde said...

Poor little Ottie-Pottie!

I hope the STAFF treat you poor thing nicely, and that they don't get overly grumpy or lazy, now that you can't give them their full daily outdoor exercise.
Take this one advice from a friend: Be careful with the licking, they might still have that silvery Saturday Night Fever shoe somewhere!
I am afraid I can't put my sympathy in adequate words, because this was a busy day in a busy week, and I have just dropped home, eaten two large bowls of spaghetti, and now I feel so... sooo... chrrr... ***

Pottie Ottie said...

Hallo Gerlinde,

why are you so tired? I hope you are not working too hard? May I recommend my routine. Up at 5:45, then a quick cup of tea for the STAFF (I would rather skip this part, but they are unusually insistent...), a brisk walk though the woods: slow walking for the STAFF, fast running/ hunting for me, back home, breakfast, and then curl up on your bed by the radiator, on the sofa, in your bachelor pad or on the STAFFs' bed (depending on sun/ heat conditions). Sleep. Wake up in time for evening walk and dinner. have those, do some exercises with the STAFF. Go back to sleep. Until bedtime. Then rouse STAFF from sofa, go to bed. Sleep again until next morning.
I assure you that with this routine you would feel as good as I do. It is important though not to take the STAFFs' part in the routine. They look tired. I don't know why. Don't they sleep during the day? Very foolish!
I am in a much better mood, because I got two boring walks over the weekend (better than nothing) and this morning I was back in my favourite woods. Yeah!
The STAFF are planning the Germany trip. All very exciting.
Save some spaghetti for me! Don't work too hard. In fact, don't work at all! Just look cute and the STAFF will feed you...


PS: They *did* put the disco boot on me, but I have learned how to take it off, so no probs.