Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Across the Windy Moors on Christmas Day - or A Reality Check

Hmm, I am not sure whether I spoke too soon when I praised Christmas. Perhaps my enthusiasm was too much based on cozy and romantic images I saw in the media and not enough adjusted for those masters of crazy and stupid, aka the STAFF. I thought we'd wake up late, go downstairs, find presents, pork pies and sherry. Unwrap stuff, eat. Eat some more. And basically continue eating until luncheon time, when we'd eat until it was time for dinner.

I should have known the STAFF would have other ideas. The alarm goes off before sunrise (who, I asks you, sets an alarm on Christmas day?), and then they start packing our hiking gear. Uh oh, I thought. What about a lie-in? Pork pies? Presents?
See what I got instead! A day out on Stanton moor in the Peak District! That's not what I anticipated - and there were certainly no pork pies.

And then the STAFF made me pose in the Nine Ladies Stone circle. Oooh, Nine Ladies and One Weimy, they crooned. The feeble fools. They are not funny! Gosh, this is sooo embarrassing.

As always, they managed to entice me along the route by hypnotising me with biscuits. As you can see I am totally spellbound. I am sure it is not legal. I will find out about that.

I feel a little better now that we are home and I have been issued with luncheon. Very nice stuff from a tin. Now, if I get some dinner in addition to that, it could be a great Christmas day after all!

Let's keep our paws crossed and hope for the best as we relax in front of the radiator.


Gerlinde said...

Dear Otto,

Nine Ladies and One Weimy! That's soooo sweet!!!
Believe me, those lunching-until-it's-time-for-dinner and who-has-the-largest-present Christmases are soooo common.
I can tell, because eating and getting presents was what I did.

Really, I think the STAFF's way of spending Christmas is wildly romantic. What a lucky Weimy you are!

By the way, did you find a nice present for them?

I knew that you would invite people over for tomorrow evening, in case they need protection.

I will leave the cats alone and go to a friend's country home, because I think nothing is nicer than spending New Year's morning on the quiet, unspoiled countrysite. It's true that her parties use to be all food and drinks, singing and noise. But I am sure I can find a humble place to quietly meditate.
Anyway, the cats will be fine as long as I treat them with a nice dinner; I don't know why, but they never even blink an eye at the loudest fireworks.

Have a nice evening tomorrow, and send my regards to the STAFF!

Sir Schnuffi von Otto said...

Gerlinde, Happy New Year!
Did you have a nice time in the country side? I had a good New Year's Eve. I slept through most of it, to be honest. I have to go on these really long walks every day, and I am just pooped when I get back. Oh well. I think your xmas sounds splendiferous! Just eating and presents? Wow! I got a little present. It was lamb and tapioca from a tin. Veerrrryy tasty. Yum! I am slightly drooly at the thought of it. I would have written sooner and might be in a better mood, if the STAFF had not come down with some sort of bug and now they think I'm Nurse Weimy or something. At least they still take me out every day and I get food. But, they are slow and not that much fun to be around. Hopefully, they will get better soon and then I can have more fun again. Or, they could just go back to work. That would mean a bit more peace and quiet for me during the day.
I am very much looking forward to visiting you next summer. And I would love to stay in your friend's house in the fields. I have talked to the STAFF about moving to a field and I think they are coming around to the idea.
Anyway, I hope you and your darling cats are well!

Bye for now,

Otto "Not Nurse Weimy" said...

PS: I did not not find any presents for them, but I made myself smell very nice with some all natural animal products I found on the moor. A gift in itself I thought!

Not sure the STAFF agreed. They forced me into the yard on New Year's Eve and attacked me with warm water and soap. There is just no dignity in it! I have been able to undo much of the damage they've inflicted by wading through large bogs. Now when I move, I can smell the Great Outdoors all around me. Nice!