Sunday, 2 December 2007

I'm not a couch potato! I am the Silver Arrow!

Some unkind people have suggested that I am a couch potato with a touch of hypochondria. How rude! It is true that due to the STAFFs' shortcomings, which I cannot avoid detailing on these pages, I am often unwell.
Lately the STAFF are annoyed when we go on our regular morning rounds, because some nice people leave out bacon rind for me. The STAFF don't want me to have it. They pretend it is because they buy me this hypo-hypo-superduper-hypoallergenic astronaut food from the vets which is nice and gentle on my tummy. And THEY claim that me eating bacon rinds rather defeats the purpose of this expense, because I might end up with a sore tummy anyway, blablabla... Why don't THEY just admit it? THEY are jealous because I have secret admirers who give me lurvely gifts of bacon and such and noone wants to give THEM anything. I am not surprised, THEY are ever so grouchy.

Anyway, on those nasty couch potato rumours (just because a guy likes relaxing on the sofa, does not make him lazy!), I wanted to show all you doubters some evidence that when the mood takes me, I can move faster than the naked eye can see, faster than lightning, faster than light itself. Anyway, my natural modesty prevails, but I can tell you that this photo was taken with specialist equipment, otherwise I wouldn't even be in it. So there!


KreativeMix said...

LOL!! very funny :-)

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Thank you! I think the humour helps the STAFF take in the points raised in my rather frank appraisals.
The things I do for them....