Thursday, 29 November 2007

Don't eat nuts unless you are a squirrel! Or the tale of the Veterinary Emergency

have not been able to write to you for a while. As you might have suspected it was the STAFFs' fault (why do I even put up with them?)! They gave me something funny to eat, some kind of stuff mainly made from ground nuts, baked into a cake or something. Of course only a little piece because they are stingy! But, it made me feel so sick. Sicker than - I'll spare you the graphic comparisons. But I was chucking and cramping and shivering and chucking and cramping and, boyoboy. So, they rushed me to the e.r.(Vets Now), because it was Sunday and out own surgery is closed then. I hate that place.

The people you see in the waiting room. Awful. And all that fear and anxiety (and that is just the STAFF).
And it is quite expensive. Really, they should have thought that through berforehand and we could have spent the money on something else.

PS: I feel better now. And I am still milking the STAFFs' guilty conscience. Every cloud does have a silver lining.

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