Saturday, 10 November 2007

Yippeee.... Bestwood... The best Wood

Wow, what a night. A really loud firework went off at 1am, so I thought I'd better join the STAFF. To protect them you know. Calm them down and all that. So, I took a running jump onto their bed, and schnuzzled up real close. I don't normally like sharing with them, and they are funny about me being on the bed normally, but I knew they'd want me to hang around in this crisis situation. Couldn't stay long though. After a few hours I felt that there was not really enough space for everyone, so I up and left and went back to my own bed.

The STAFF don't look so well this morning. Tired and like they have a sore back. I don't know why. I slept great! And imagine how bad they'd feel had I not joined them and calmed them down. Sometimes I don't feel like they appreciate all the hard work I put into keeping them happy. Pfff, people, eh!

Anyway, when they finally made it out of bed this morning we went to Bestwood country park. My favourite! As you can tell from my happy expression!

Maybe I should do this every night. I'll talk to the STAFF....once they look more awake...

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