Saturday, 11 July 2009

rubber sticks are great!

I got myself a new toy. I am so full of energy now and no niggly aches and pains. Nothing! And it is all down to this wonderful hydrotherapy I get. Hydrotherapy = joie de vivre! Anyway, last time we were at hydrotherapy I spotted these cool new toys. Sticks, but made from rubber by ruff dawgs. Totally safe! I indicated to the STAFF that I wanted one, and, naturally, THEY bought it. THEY are soft as anything when I go swimming. Well, most of the time really. And one day, THEY will get me a pig's ear in the tuck shop, I just know it. But, yes, my new toy.
So, this morning we took it to the Best Wood, handed it to the STAFF who can throw slightly better than the other one, and offffffffff I went!
Overshot it a little bit on the first go. After all, I had been totally out of practice with the whole playing thing. 
So, we're having another go.
And - PERFECT! Got it in one. 
I also scooped up quite a lot of grass with that one. 
But I quickly got rid off that, so that I could pose with my kill! Hah!
But being in the Best woods is not all fun and games! There is also quite a lot of wee-mail that needs reading and replying to. Even though I wish the STAFF would have the grace not to take pictures during these private, er, conversations. 
Anyway, all in all, I am having a great time! Would you know it - I am a totally happy kinda guy right now!

All the activity has left me slightly tired. I am resting on my timeshare. A splendid arrangement I have with the STAFF: I get it during the day and THEY get it at night. Unless there are fireworks or thunderstorms. Then we all share. 

Night, night. See you later for evening patrol. Until then, be off! 

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