Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Happy birthday, little Schnuffie!

Blimey, I am 9 years old today. I wonder whether I have to start acting mature? I hope not. I still feel like a puppy. Not that I am as annoying as a puppy, of course. I am sure I can use this age thing to my advantage though. The STAFF are always quite gullible. You know, look a little shivery and the fire goes on. Look a bit more shivery and blankets get draped around you lovingly. These sorts of things are quite handy. I shall dedicate some time over the next few weeks to investigate these possibilities. 
In the meantime, I cannot hide my disappointment at the gifts the STAFF got me. It's not at all what I wanted (a remote control for the central heating,  my own account at the organic butcher's, the Walchensee, to name just a few things on my list), but I suppose THEY have made some sort of effort. The chicken will be yummy, and the squeaky toy won't annoy with its squeakiness for long. And now, we must be off hunting. It's a nice crisp day and there are some squirrels I'd like to give a little birthday surprise to, so to speak.

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