Sunday, 24 August 2008

Surfing in Comfort and Style to Freedom

My tooth is not that sore anymore. It might have something to do with the daily, incidentally very yummy, tablet of Rymadil, a chewy snack, liver flavoured, which takes all the pain away. And did I mention that they are very yummy? 
This means that I can enjoy my spare time again. Lying in the sun. Lying on the sofa. Browsing the internet. And, on really good days, a happy combination of all three at once. Marvellous!

I am looking for a nice holiday break to book: for one only! I am looking to leave on the day that the STAFF booked me to go to dentavets for root canal treatment. I really don't want to be there when that happens. I've got my passport and the credit card, and as long as the STAFF don't notice what I am up to, I'll be swimming in the Walchensee in Bavaria before long and the dentavets can do all the drilling without me.


Gerlinde said...

Dear Otto,

I am excited to read about your latest plans! This was just what I was going to suggest. The STAFF must not find out!

And in case your tooth gets worse, they can always get you a gold tooth when you come back.

I hope I won't be just off to London when you get here. I would so like to spend a whole week at the lake with you!

But if I can't be here, I will leave the keys, and you can have my apartment. It has a huge Sofa, and a huge bed, a DSL flatrate, and just a 1 sqm bathroom which I'm sure you don't mind.

I am leaving in 2 weeks, to study the pictures of Hans Holbein in the National Gallery. And somehow I woke up to find myself owning a great ticket for a Madonna concert, so I can go there when the museum closes at night. What a nice coincidence! But again, the purpose of my travel is solely scientific, of course.

So back to your little holiday: When you can drive properly, because you don't have the equipment for 12 people and 1 year on the car roof, and noone next to you who threatens to be sick on the car seats when you take the curves too tightly, you can be at the lake within an hour from my home! That would spare you the trouble of having to put up a tent. And you could feed the cats and let them ly on you at nights. What a great plan!

How are Mommy Devious' knees? I am having physiotherapy which helps a lot. I hope she found help, too.

So, let's conspire, because the STAFF must not find out...
yours excitedly,

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dearest Gerlinde,

what a most generous and delightful offer! Your apartment sounds absolutely perfect. Just one question, what is a "bathroom"? Is it like an indoor tree or something? Nevermind. I could not decide on what to do for ages. I wanted to escape, and stay with you Take trips to the Walchensee and maybe send the STAFF a postcard.

But I succumbed to my weakness for delicious food. Every morning, in addition to my breakfast, I get a tasty liver snack and chicken. More chicken at luncheon time. Then liver, chicken and dinner in the evening. I kept on thinking that I'd leave after breakfast, but then I'd miss the luncheon treat. And if I left after the luncheon treat, I'd miss dinner. And I couldn't leave after dinner because I need my sleep in the evening. And I couldn't leave before breakfast because, well because, come on, you can't miss breakfast. And so the vicious cycle started again.

If the STAFF weren't such (well-meaning) idiots, I'd suspect that they were doing this on purpose, to make sure that I stay and keep them company.

Anyhow, I think I will just go and have that tooth fixed. I might as well. You know how important dental hygiene is for a pleasant breath and dashing smile.

Have you taken your trip to study Madonna yet?

Mommy Sneaky's knees are much better when it suits her, but seem to ache when it comes to doing chores. I feel I have taught her well, but she was an apt pupil! She does weird exercises now, like a sumo wrestler. It's to put her knee cap back into the right place, or something. Do you have to do the same? I would not laugh at you. Promise!

I hope you had a pleasant, sweet and sticky trip!