Saturday, 2 August 2008

Take me Home, country roads!

You may wonder why I have not been posting anything for a while. Well, it has a simple and shocking reason. The STAFF abducted me and took me on a tour around Germany, my spiritual home. I was gone 3 1/2 weeks, and I did so much. There are tales of cable cars and mountains and lakes and learning to swim and, phew, even thinking about it is too much.
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You can see the locations I visited - and that does NOT even include the many, many, many day trips, but just places we stayed. You'll understand that I cannot go into details now. I'll have to sleep first for, ooh, 2 weeks, then I'll put their car up on ebay for £1 "buy it now" to avoid any possibility of the STAFF abducting me again, and then I'll tell you all about our crazy road trip.

But for now, Gute Nacht!


Gerlinde said...

Dear Schnuffbert,

I sooooo sympathize with you.
I hope the STAFF treat and spoil you like crazy to make up for this ordeal, and don't give you lame excuses like "a sore back from all the driving" and stuff. Pfh.

Please send me a note when you put the car on ebay, I thought it was neat and wouldn't mind getting it for one Pound. I will fetch it in September. Until then, you can sleep in it as much as you like, if you store it for me. Thank you!

I miss you so much! I have the picture of you and me at the lake printed out. You are looking gorgeous, even though there is sunscreen on your nose.


Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dearest Gerlinde,

I really miss Germany and our special lake. Don't tell anyone else about it!

I hope you don't mind I put up the nice picture of me and you, it is my favourite of all the holiday photos. As you can imagine, the STAFF (poor dears) just don't look very good in photos, so I can never put up any pictures with THEM in.

I am still very tired. But I have decided not to sell the car after all. How will I get back to Germany if I do?

I hope your dear cats are well and did not miss you too much. They are very lucky to have you. I am sure they know that - even if they don't want to show it all the time.