Monday, 23 November 2009

She loves me... she loves me not

I am still no further in wooing my sexy neighbour, Lola The Greyhound. First impression are so important, aren't they. And I think mine was rather cold and startling. I really shouldn't have put my nose there, straight-away and on a cold day... Darn. Perhaps a more romantic approach will work?


Izzy Bee said...

Darling Otto -

I do believe that you have misspelled my name -
Izzabella Bumbles (Izzy Bee)your one true love - and yes I do love the romantic approach.

Always your little ray of sunshine,

Otto said...

of course. Just a regrettable slip of the paw... Uh oh.....

weim761 said...

and my what big paws you have...*winks*