Sunday, 29 November 2009

viva le viva...

So, STAFF were having some sort of big exam and had to be at work sharp-ish and on time. Of course I knew what to do to take THEIR minds of that and help THEM relax. Oh yes. In a completely unselfish way, I used the cover of darkness on our morning round in the woods to disappear and eat a huge pile of brightly coloured dog biscuits. People just leave those lying about. Like a Fast Food outlet. Marvelous.STAFF were calling frantically. I could hear THEM. After all, I had not gone far. But, hey, I was busy eating, and you cannot rush these things. Gives you indigestion, don't you know. So, after 15 minutes I sauntered back to STAFF, who had by that stage completely forgotten about the exam. And when we got home, THEY had no time to worry. Just to get ready and go.
Well, the exam was passed with flying colours, and I have to say that I take credit for that. Would it have gone so well without my help? Who knows!
Regrettably, the food didn't agree so well with me. I think it was the red biscuits. Or maybe the green ones? But after a couple of days on my cozy bed, I was right as rain again.

Things I do for STAFF....

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