Saturday, 14 November 2009

A splendid little jaunt

You know the beginning of a walk. When you just got out of the car. Still a bit dizzy from spinning and STAFF's driving? And the air hits you and brings with it smells and scents of such wonder. And you don't know where to go first? Left, right? Forward? Or back? And sometimes I find my paws opt for a different direction each, but in any case, I love the beginning of a good walk!And I was in fact so happy that you can see me smile. Rare, I know, but here it goes.
See it? The lips curled? The gnashers gleaming? Yup! That's me smiling! At STAFF. I know. What's come over me?
It wasn't long before THEY started to annoy me though. It's the slooooow walking that gets me. I constantly have to herd THEM in. What do THEY take me for? A border collie?
But then, a sound? A squawk? A shudder! What ho! Could it be that pheasant from me other day?
I set off immediately to investigate.
Couldn't see it anywhere! But I was not about to give up. A) It had peeped on me when I tried to poop. And B) I now know that those feathery things are edible. I was gonna 'ave 'im!
Sadly even a wide area scan revealed nothing.
Famished after my unsuccessful attempts to catch The Pheasant I had to put up with the indignity of having to ask STAFF for some nourishment to tide me over until breakfast.
And after a day of hunting I was quite glad that at least I had caught one furry that I could take home and display to all who might chance by: Here Sleeps Otto. The Mighty Hunter! Do not peep on him!

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