Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pheasant. Cheekiest birds known to anyone!

So, STAFF and I skipped to the best woods in the world, as every day, and I find myself a nice spot to go about my morning business. Prime spot, in the woods, right in front of a shrub. Perfect! So, I get in position, and as I am 'sitting' there, looking here, looking there, What Ho!, I see a pair of eyes look right back at me! A pheasant! In the bush! Right! In! Front! Of! Me!Naturally I stopped what I was doing straight away and shooed the Peeping Tom away! Would you credit it!? Peeping on me! A hunting dog! The cheek of it!

And had STAFF told me there and then that you can eat those things, I would have put in more of an effort and had me the little blighter as a snack!

PS: The photo is for general illustration only. Even STAFF wouldn't go as far as taking photos of me doing that. You know what I mean.

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