Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Parlour games....

November is well and truly here. The air is wet. And cold. And most likely there'll be a gale blowing, sometimes with a bit of hail as well. So, after my round in the woods, I like to while away my time with a bit of snoozing and, ideally, snacking. But STAFF are not providing any snacks or any other entertainment for that matter, and so whilst THEY are "working from home", I have to make my own fun.
So, I decided to play a few old-fashioned parlour games. First, I needed to stretch and wake and warm up those muscles.And then the games could begin. The first game was How High Can you Stack all Your Feet? Whoa, make sure that it is a stable construction and you don't fall over! I say, I reckon I win this one.

And actually, I am quite tired now. I might just go back to sleep. Until dinner. Wake me when it is time for food!

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