Friday, 28 March 2008


Today I smiled, and all at once things didn't look so bad.
Today I shared with someone else, a bit of hope I had.
Today I sang a little song, and felt my heart grow light,
And walked a happy little mile, with not a cloud in sight.
Today I worked with what I had and longed for nothing more,
And what had seemed like only weeds, were flowers at my door.
Today I loved a little more and complained a little less,
And in the giving of myself, I forgot my weariness.

Ah, I feel so fuzzy and good and warm and I just want to spread happiness...Wait! What's happening!? What am I thinking? What am I saying? That doesn't sound like me! I wonder whether the STAFF are putting something into my water?


Gerlinde said...

Dear Otto,

what white teeth you have! Lovely! Can you recommend any product or treatment?

You might want to try some moisture treatment balm against under-eye puffiness though! No offence.

Maybe you can find some in that newly decorated bathroom? Just do not eat all of it at once - these things are all about the long-term effect!

So, enjoy your beauty sleep!

SchnuffPotato said...

Dear Gerlinde,

I tried eating cucumber to reduce eye puffiness, but they did not taste very nice. Now I just try and get a bit more sleep. The fact that I no longer have to share with the STAFF, but sleep in my own room, in my own luxurious bed at night is already showing effects! I am much more rested and feel quite relaxed!

For the teeth I recommend a strict diet of crunchy food, as a baseline. Under no circumstances should you ever brush your teeth - that is just GROSS! But my secret, and I don't mind sharing it with you, dear friend, is this: select at least 3 large and hard sticks a day (most woods will be fine) and then chew, chew, chew until a big stick is just a tiny sticklet. It gets rid off all plaque and keeps your gums very healthy (some slight bleeding may occur in the beginning).

let me know how you are getting on with the treatment!