Sunday, 23 March 2008

Searching for Easter

Couldn't wite in a while. Was just too tired! The STAFF had family over from Germany and it was very tiring looking after them. Particularly as I had to share my sofa and my bachelor pad. If I had known, I would have vetoed the visit. Mind you, they did bring me nice things, I suppose. And they fussed me all the time. And the little one played sticks and rugby with me. All the time.

Actually, that was pretty much the biggest problem; the visitors were sooo energetic. Particularly the young one. It was just round the clock go-go-go. Non-stop action. Bam!Bam!Bam! I got no sleep at all. One some bad days I got no more than, say 12 hours. How can anyone survive a deprivation schedule like that?

I am not used to that kind of stuff. Between you and me, the STAFF are essentially lazy. And, I have to admit, I like them that way. But, when the vistors were here, we were all action, action, action. Sticks, sticks, sticks.

Watch me here, bringing it down in mid-flight and killing it outright. Cower mere wooden things!

Anyway, it was all very, very, very tiring. I had to sleep for a week after they were gone. And when I woke up it was Easter. Great. I love Easter. People hide chocolate eggs for you. Well, they hide chocolate eggs. And if you find them, they are yours. I know the law. Once you have it in your chops, it's all yours. Anyway. It's Easter. And the STAFF are hanging around at home with me a lot. I tolerate that - if THEY behave well. So, we're sitting at home, THEY mention it's Easter, and I'm thinking to myself, "Let's go and find us a nice Easter squirrel. Nice and juicy, stuffed with crunchy nuts." And when we're done with that, let's get some choc eggs for dessert. Yummy, yummy, squirrel and chocolate in my tummy!

You can imagine my absolute horror and disappointment when I emerged from the car and found that it was snowing. And icy. And blowing a gale. For a horrible moment I thought that I had slept too long, all the way through the nice warm seasons and it was winter again! Aaaaahh. The STAFF assured me it was Easter.
But I knew straight away that there would be no squirrels. No chocolate. No nothing. Just frozen water. Hurled at you at great speed. I may have a jacket. But I was still chilly. And no yummy chocolate squirrel in my tummy.

Brrr. I shake in disgust. And to keep warm!
I think for the rest of this so called Easter I'll try and stay indoors. And help the STAFF plan our big tour of Germany, Austria and Holland. If I don't pay attention, I might not get all the comforts on the trip which I should have.

And, I still want compensation for having missed out on any kind of Easter snack. And for all the calories I burned to entertain the guests.

I'll check out the legal situation. Maybe I should get professional advice.


Kamikatze said...

Dear Sir Schnuffi Otti,

a happy snowy Easter!
What a damper, after the weather had already been so nice. I wanted to go out tonight, but no way when it's horrible like this, I rather stay on the sofa with a book.

I really love the picture of the Easter Squirrel. Thank god you're only kidding about eating the cute little rascal!

About not sharing your precious tick removal thingie for 'hygienic' reasons - oh just admit it, Sir s-i-n-g-l-e-d-o-g Ottie, it's not about hygiene, it's about sharing, right?
But anyway, I heard Alpine ticks lust for human blood only. At least, I have never heard a dog complain to me that he was bitten, but two or three winy humans did.

About that sofa ... oh well, why not? Love moves mountains, they say, and much larger things have been moved over mountains! I guess it will depend on how much the STAFF can physically bear to carry, right?
Anyway, as I certainly see the advantage in having a sofa on a mountain, I will strongly advocate the idea to them!

Yours cheerfully,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Gerlinde,

I secretly like squirrels, too. But I normally don't like to say because some stupid dogs might make fun of me. I have certainly never harmed a squirrel ever. I just like to keep them fit and healthy, mens sana in corpore sano, I say. And to achieve that all important cardiovascular exercise for the, I chase them up the tree and then supervise their tree climbing and branch jumping exercises. in addition to being healthy exercise, it also prepares them for running away from any nasty dogs.

Ticks are quite gross, so I would prefer the STAFF get them and not me. In that case, I will lend them my nice tick squeezer. It is very efficient.

It is not true that I don't like sharing. I like sharing the STAFFs' dinner, I like sharing the sofas (well, as long as I have enough space), I like sharing fun and games. I only draw the line at my yummy food and places in the sun. Don't you agree that I am a living embodiement of the spirit of sharing?

Thanks also for the sofa offer. Really, you are a true friend!

Bye for now,