Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Rest before the Storm - The STAFF are acting suspiciously

Blimey, it was colder than the Vet's thermometer this morning. I had to engage in all sorts of high jinxs just to keep warm. The foolish STAFF mistook my desperate attempts to ward of hypothermia for excitement on my part. Sometimes I despair with these fools!

Would YOU think that I'd jump fences just for the fun of it? Well, would you? Honestly...

I do have a feeling that I enjoyed myself immensely chasing sticks. But then again, it might have been a dream - it is all a bit of a blur to me now. Quite a pleasant thought, really, if I am honest. And you know me, I tend to be.

The real cause for concern is the STAFFs' recent flurry of activity. They make unbelievable and totally inconsiderate noise, associated with raised tempers and voices, loud crying, bumps, searching for the First Aid kit and so on and on. What do THEY call it? Is it DIY? Well, that, in combination with attacking me with the vacuum cleaning monster, scrubbing of floors, cleaning behind the cooker and, worst of all, washing my beds in some really stinky stuff (puh puh!), can only mean that we are expecting visitors to stay over.

I am doing the only sensible thing. Resting. And hoping that they are considerate visitors who won't want to share the sofa. There is hardly enough space for me in any case!


A concerned reader (!) said...

Well, blimey. What do you have to do to get some rest around there? Looks like you are getting in some bonus sleep before the onslaught of visitors begins!

Gerlinde said...

Dear Otto,

your description of what is going on makes me wonder if the STAFF, in this outburst of activity, finally did finish painting the kitchen?
Bathing you and washing your beds shortly before visitors arrive is so short-sighted. How do they think you could manage so quickly to build up a nice new odor? Hopefully you will find something nice to perfume yourself with on the next walk. I am sure the STAFF and your guests would be extremely appreciative.

Schnuffbanana said...

Gerlinde, you are so very right! Imagine the embarrassment when the visitors have to make do with cushions and blankets which have been drenched in water and chemicals which leave a ghastly smell! When I had juuust got everything smelling nicely. Really, you must have a word with them!
Finish the kitchen? Hmm, not as such. But they have done something to the bathroom. Not sure what. I obviously avoid that room at all cost! And they have been thinking verrry hard about putting new floors down in the dining and drawings rooms. I hope they won't. I might slip on the wood!
I'll tell the STAFF you asked after the progress in the kitchen - it will please them to know that you take an interest!



Gerlinde said...

Dear Otto,

I hope you are having a wonderful time with your visitors!

I don't want to disrupt, there is just some, ehm, neglectable little triviality: would you do me the favor of asking the STAFF if they have a tick squeezer? If not, I will get one to take along to the wilderness (aka Alps). Just for us people of course, nothing for a dog to be concerned about!
And also, please ask them what they think about vaccinations against TBE, tick-borne encephalitis, (or FSME, Fruehsommer-Meningo-Enzephalitis). I am going to get me a vaccination. Just for the fun of it! And because a health insurance should be good for something.
Apparently you need three, the second after 4 weeks, and the final after 6 months, but the protection works already from the second one on.
I dunno. You might want to ask the STAFF. Although I am sure they are not half as concerned about their own health as about yours.

But enough of that, now I leave you to your visitors again.
I hope you are having a great time!
PS - the cats say, slippery floors are great. Whatever slight mishap, your personal assistants can clean it away very quickly. That leaves them more time for you! And also, with a slippery floor you can use rugs as sliding devices.

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dearest Gerlinde!

Thank you for your kind and caring comments. I have recuperated to some extend now.

I have a tick-removing-apparatus. The STAFF don't. And I don't really want to share mine. THEY put water and soap and things on their skin, so it would just not be hygenic.

I am a little concerned about the idea of venturing into the wilderness. But as long as I can take my sofa, I'll be ok. I hope you can confirm that will be possible!

The STAFF haven't put the wooden floors down yet. But, they have talked about it a lot. I sometimes think that in their mind, that's the same as actually doing it...

Bye for now,


Otto the Weimaraner said...

I am not sure the STAFF will go to the vets and get an injection, but I'll talk to them about it...Just as long as I don't have to come along...