Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Mountain Survival Holiday - Here I come!

The STAFF are still busy planning our big European tour. For a while I was not too keen on the trip. Hours in the car. And then maybe not even a house but some small kind of canvas number without radiators, enough beds or any of the comforts I find so enjoyable. But, just the other day, I heard the STAFF mention that we will take at least one sofa, just for me. And my friend Gerlinde has very kindly offered to carry it over the mountains. At least I think that is what she meant. She must have done. What a darling! Well, I don't assume it is too heavy, but still, a very nice offer!

I can picture our ruffti-tuffti trip to the Alps now. I am sure this is exactly what it will be like!

I think I was born for mountain survival.

And, of course, if Gerlinde carries one of the sofas, the STAFF can manage another one each. With 3 sofas I should avoid any sore areas I might get from being forced to lie in the same position for too long.

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Gerlinde said...

My poor, naive young friend -

what can I say.

Of course everything will be just as you expect! Honest! (Weimaraner do have short memories, don't they? Must ask the STAFF!)

By the way, do you know what a 'Lastenhund' is? In Austria, they have these greeeeeat fun games for dogs, it's called 'Wagerl-Ziehen' and even, yes, 'Bierfasserl-Tragen'.
I am just mentioning this for fun of course, there is no whatsoever connection to our mountain plans. Trust me.