Thursday, 17 September 2009

That's not enough to make me tired!

So, STAFF got one of those iphone thingies. Apparently, I spend too much time on the Mac and THEY want to occasionally get online, too. Pah, feeble excuse. THEY should own up to THEIR love of gadgetry and weak resistance to anything shiny.

Anyway, with this iphone comes a nice app which lets you check how far and fast and up and down you walked. Now, this was an eye-opener! All I got this morning was 3km through the woods. Ok, so this is what THEY walked. I had to run more. Why? Well, STAFF put on no entertainment at all, so I had to find my own stuff to do. You know, track the foxes and madly crash through the undergrowth, creep up behind rabbits and say "Booo!" and watch them scram real quick (cracks me up every time), see how many squirrels I could get up a tree with one bark, track the fowl. You know, the kind of things you gotta do because otherwise you'd be totally bored hanging out with STAFF.
Well, as you can see, none of this is enough to tire me out! Here I am lying wide awake and being consoled by Larry Lamb. I just hope tomorrow we'll do a longer round! Maybe I should carry that iphone thingy. See how far I go. I'll be real careful with it. Honest!
PS: I am so cold I had to re-locate!
And STAFF are talking about going camping. WHAT? Without me, you FOOLS! Where do THEY get the idea from that I might enjoy camping? In this weather?

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