Tuesday, 1 September 2009

It feels like my birthday's come early!

I am 10 years old now! Does that mean I have to act maturely all the time? I hope not! I certainly didn't manage to show much restraint with opening the cool parcels I received from all over the world. I have so many friends! I am really lucky! ..... You should see STAFF on THEIR birthdays - lucky if THEY get one card between THEM. Anyway, I digress.
Trouble is that people always package stuff in such a way that it is very hard to open without opposable thumbs. This package was all the way from two very cute Weimaraner ladies in South Carolina, USA. Oh, yes! Even the packaging smelled nnnnnnnice! If you catch my meaning.
Luckily I employ STAFF, who - with some supervision - can operate scissors and help me gain access to the promising package of delights!
As soon as it was open I went right in there. Aw, the scents were giving me goosebumps!

And look at the cool stuff they sent! A lion! I shall call him Leo. He shall be my BFF and I shall never, ever, ever, ever play with another toy! It was love at first sight and it will never, ever, ever die! Leo and I shall be friends, even when.....hold on!

Is that really a Squirrel? SQUIRREL! Move over Lionel, Leo, whatver! Cyril Squirrel is my new BFF and I shall love him forever!

Aw, I feel bad. Leo looked so saaaad. Come on you guys! My slobberchops are big enough to kill both of you!

There, that's better, isn't it?

And a birthday card, too! How sweet! How thoughtful!

Wow, I wonder what special stuff could be wrapped in Hello Kitty paper?

Oh my! Doggles! How very, very cool!

I am so totally an adventurer!

I am making plans for much excitement this year! Hopefully the STAFF will be able to keep up!

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