Sunday, 13 September 2009

Indian summer camping....nice

So, STAFF finished off some sort of big project at work and wanted to celebrate by getting out and about for the weekend. And as the sun was shining, for the first time in weeks, I was all for it! So, we packed up the Gangmobil and left at the crack of dawn. And then we arrived at the field which was to be our new home.
I loved it! I found the nicest spot and put down my towel, er, bed straight away! After all, I am 1/2 German...
But before I had even started bronzing between my tootsies we were off again. To the Monsal trail, just around the corner from our home from home. I need no signpost! (Except for reading and leaving messages...). I could smell the water all the way from here! To the river - this way! Come on!
So, the river was down some really big, steep stone steps. STAFF had me all clipped in. A mistake, I should think. I was in a rush! I cannot hang about waiting for slowcoaches! Thankfully an unsuspecting woman at the bottom of the steps stopped STAFF's headlong plunge into the river. I sensed that I was not so popular just then, and thought it best to move on...
To make up for, what STAFF clearly perceived to be misdemeanor, I gave THEM my sweetest smile. Smiling is easy when you're in the water!
And there was even good fishing to be had! I caught two! One big stick - which I had there and then. Raw! Arrrrrrr.... it feels good to get in touch with your inner canine on these hunting trips! And I caught a shiny pebble to boot. But it was very small and, compassionate guy and responsible hunter I am, I put it back in the river. I'll getcha later when you are big and strong and it's a fair fight!
I drank gallons of this water. It tasted so good! There is simply nothing like the taste of river water, puddle water, lake water or Evian.
Regrettably, we moved on from the river. My attempts to abseil down the bridge to get back to the water were frowned upon by STAFF and frankly nipped in the bud. Tcchhhhh... no sense of adventure THAT lot. Sure, I didn't have a rope. So? Sure, THEY had to wade through a river once before to rescue me. So? That's why I let THEM tag along. For emergencies.
I am still trying to think how to evade the PARTY POOPERS' surveillance.
Then again, there was some other good stuff to smell and I was happy to bide my time until another opportunity might present itself.
And, oh my, STAFF carried provisions. YUMMY! Come to Papa, baby! I am using my Jedi mind-bending technique to get STAFF to hand over some of the crunchy goodness. And it worked! Course it did. THEY are no match for a Jedi!
All in all a very good outing. What can I say. I had a really good time!
And we're back to our home from home. Nice spot, don't you think? And yes, STAFF make all 3 of us sleep in that tiny canvas number. I would have gone for something bigger myself, but hey ho. I have enough space at night. And all the blankets. And that's all that really matters.
The great thing whilst out camping, is that you can get all these Free Scent Samples. I am totally stuffing my pockets full of those, figuratively speaking. Yummy!
And a small break.... This is one of the best parts. You can see the thoughts on STAFFs' faces. "Oh, we didn't bring any soap. Oooooh, we can smell Otto from here. Ah, we're all in a small tent." Teehee, that made me smile!
And because you can never smell quite strong enough, I am applying more of the special samples. It is simply wonderful!
After all that activity, STAFF and I retreat to the tent for a pre-dinner snooze. I am, of course not tired at all, as you can see. But I like to humour THEM on occasion. Plus, there were lots of pesky wasps about outside the tent, so we all went the path of least resistance.
With the evening, and most importantly dinner time (!), approaching, we brave the great outdoors again. I am putting my ear to the ground to see whether I can hear any small, tender, wooly, baa-ing snacks approaching. Nothing! Also, I am secretly putting on more Free Samples whilst simultaneously eating some yummy stuff. You really have to see it to believe my masterful technique.
STAFFs' faces when THEY realised that I smelled even better now really cracked me up!
Oh, but STAFF took terrible revenge. Here I have to watch THEM eat, whilst I am going hungry. Now, why do I always have to eat last? Huh?! Do I look happy to wait? Do I? Course not.
But finally fed and watered I retreat to the comfort of the Gangmobil to watch the sun set. I am very toasty. STAFF look cold to me. Perhaps THEY should have brought some blankets? You know, in addition to the two I clearly needed?
In the morning, after a cold night, I chanced upon a heavenly heap. Like a mirage it appeared before me! You wouldn't have to roll in this! This you could dive into headfirst and do a frontcrawl, eat some on the way, and emerge a total Babe Magnet! Ooooohhhh, I could hardly believe my luck! -- Sadly, I spent too much time in shivery anticipation and wasn't quick enough with the action. STAFF, most cruelly, intercepted my morning swim.
I was watching the sun rise over our home from home. Hoping that it would bring warming rays! After a cold night it was still barely 5ºC and I was hungry and cold to boot.
Nice view or no, I still did not enjoy watching STAFF gobble down a nice hot cooked breakfast, whilst I had, you guessed it, nothing.
Finally, some grub. And kept warm by my nice winter coat. Aaaah, better. Much, much better!

The only slight concern I have is that STAFF might think we should go again. I am a bit concerned temperature-wise. But I really do enjoy these camping trips.


Angela said...

Lovely narration Otto, you captured your foray in to camping with humour and finesse, typical Weim style.

May I ask what make of Harness you wear, looks very good for these weird camping expeditions that humans like to do.

Woof n wags, Harley the Weim.

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Hi Harley,

My harness is from Hurtta (, the padded harness of course, if I'm going to wear a silly accessory at least it should be comfy! The only problem is the big handle on top of the harness, you have to make sure you snatch and grab goodies off the ground much quicker, before you are whisked off into the air, landing with a doof! at STAFF's feet. They normally seem very pleased with themselves when this happens, but it can leave a poor dog hungry. It does however mean that I get to skirt much closer to the edge of danger than when I am just on my collar and lead!

Oh, and i almost forgot...the other great thing about the harness is it reduces neck strain when you need to go real fast and have to pull the STAFF along behind you. Good, don't you think?

Do you go camping or splashing around in water?

Nice to meet you Harley.


fun4fido said...

Hi Otto,

Of course it needs to be comfy, I hate the ones that rub, interferes with my concentration on the really important stuff, like where did that squirrel go!

Did STAFF offer you a choice of the padded harness or the padded y harness? Which one did you choose?

Thank you Otto

Woof n wags, H