Saturday, 31 January 2009

hey, good-looking!

So, the STAFF went a detour on our way to the best woods this morning. Not popular! But, then I realised that we were picking up my super duper new rain coat from the hurtta pro range (only the best for me, natch!). The first one was too small, because of the STAFFs' incompetence with a measuring tape. Of course, THEY will claim that I held in my tummy. Well, of course I did! I was concerned that this was to do with future food alloaction, and therefore made myself seem as slim as poss.
Anyway, the nice people at k9active sorted it all out and sent a bigger coat. As you can see, it fits perfectly. I take a size 55 to fit all my muscles! And it is so light and soft and the collar makes me look like a supehero-caped-crusader and it is almost enough to make me wish for a little bit of rain. Just so that I can show it off outside.

Until then, I shall enjoy the sunshine on the sofa. I am quite tired after all that running round, chasing the ringzinger and trying on stuff.


Gerlinde said...

Hello Handsome!

Oo-hoo, what a a sharp coat! Especially the hunting-green suits you very well.
And by the way, I see there is a very nice wooden floor! Did the STAFF do the work themselves?

Yours, Gerlinde

Handsome Hound said...

Hello Gerlinde,

I am glad you like the coat! I love it! I am getting the same kind of design, but as a warm winter version, with fake fur collar.... Hmmmm, I can almost feel it on me now.

I am disappointed that you like the wooden floors. Did you not think that the carpet was much nicer? I had it smelling just right, too! And then THEY ripped it up and put down this slidy, slippery stuff! At least THEY bought some rugs I can lie on/ sit on/ use for acceleration. But still...

Anyway, yes, THEY did do the work. Go on, ask THEM how the kitchen is coming along. I can't wait to see THEIR faces when you do.... hihihihihihihi

Have fun,

Yours Otti