Friday, 12 October 2007

Woe is me! And it's all the STAFFs' fault

I'm feeling really queasy, I don't mind telling you. It all started yesterday morning. And it was the STAFFs' fault! They fed me a very tasty item of, whatchumacallit, underwear, or something. And I Did enjoy it at first, but boy it didn't sit well in my tummy. Felt really sick all day, but held out with throwing up until 4:30am. I'm very considerate, I know, don't even mention it. Still don't feel very well. Bit better, but not great. A bit of sleep and the bun I found in the park this morning will settle me tummy, I'm sure.
Anyway, when I said that they "fed me" underwear, well, the STAFF might say that technically speaking they did not feed it to me. Inasmuch as they left it lying about where I was sure to find it. So, still there fault. What's the difference. "Lying about where I was sure to find it" in the sense of an item carefully placed in the laundry bin where any tall dog could frankly move the lid and do a bit of a precision extraction job.
Let's not quibble over detail here. All in all, you'll agree, they practically fed it to me. It is all there fault. I will not reward them!
Ooof, got to go, not feeling well.


Kamikatze said...

Oh Otto, poor lad, I am heartbroken! Glad you are taking it so manly and like a big dog.
When you feel better - and if you can type (rumors reached me about a sore paw) - please tell me if the STAFF ever took you to advanced Doggie Class, as they were planning last year.
Lotsa Luv!

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Gerlinde, your sympathy and understanding are like a tonic! And me so very poorly. I feel better already.

Anyway, thanks for asking, but I did not need to take the STAFF to any advanced training. They are actually very well behaved (most of the time). Perhaps I will post a training manual soon. Just so that others can benefit.

Amazing how easy it is really.