Friday, 19 October 2007

PS: Even more woes and misery!

I thought I'd better give an update on my poorly paw (see my last post).
I was just nicely taken off that bandage to treat my paw with ancient Weimaraner medicinal wisdom Step 2 (again), when the STAFF overpowered me and put a silly, silvery boot on me!

Why? Now, I really cannot apply my Weimaraner medical treatment! Is there no end to the mean things the STAFF will do? Do they lack any sense at all?? How can I chew my foot like this, I ask you!
I am pondering these questions, lying on my own sofa in my own private bachelor pad. And I have a mind to put the do not disturb sign up.
I am appealing to you, dear reader: please have a word with the STAFF. Make them see sense!

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