Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Fireworks...what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

I hesitate to hold forth on this, because I haven't posted happy news in a while and I would not like to come across all whiny. BUT... This is the worst time of year. Leading up to bonfire night and all, every day there's loud fireworks at all times. When I'm at home. When I'm out walking. When I'm tucked up at night. BANG! Whiizzzzz BANG!

It's enough to stress a guy out and make him feel sick. In fact, I've been sick a few mornings now.

Otto comtemplating revenge on fireworks perpetrators

As you can see I am not my normal smiley self. Here I am contemplating what to do with all the people who light fireworks. I don't intentionally scare people. Or make a racket and claim it's fun....So, why it is ok for some people, huh? It would be ok-ish if it were just a few nights a year. But I am sure it is getting worse. And I can't take the stress.

The STAFF are also useless. They try and drown out the noise with music. Doesn't work. They hold my paw. Doesn't help. One of them does a funny ABBA dance routine to distract me. Helps to a point.

Well, now they're trying something new. The STAFF bought a pheromone diffuser (DAP diffuser) from the vets and the idea is that smells waft about which transport me back to happy times, when I was a puppy and my mum was looking after me. And everything was safe and warm. And life was simple and good. I don't normally hold with this "alternative" stuff, but I feel a bit calmer already.

And I am looking out for any effects these pheromones might have on the STAFF ;o)

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