Sunday, 5 October 2008

I HATE baths

I am not having a good day! First of all, it was raining. A lot. I do not like rain. 
I did find something very nice in the woods to roll in, which gave me a fantastic aroma. But the STAFF, overcome by jealousy, washed it off. Really! THEY gave me a b.a.t.h. in the rain! How cruel can you get? 
You probably cannot tell from my sunny expression, but I am not happy.
What I am looking forward to is the moment when the STAFF realise that the smell has not actually washed off at all. Hah! Their puny efforts were in vain. And I shall be having the last laugh!


Gerlinde said...

Ohhh, poor Schnuff. Why won't they let you wear your wonderful "Be Ottilicious"?
On the bright side, it seems they got you a fancy new blanket with your initials.
Fortunately poor little Ruben's ear got much better over the weekend and looked good this morning. Maybe intense cuddling, doubled food portions, and letting him have my pillow helped. We have an appointment in hospital for Wednesday morning now. Who knows what this was, maybe Sita punched him in the ear at their usual Sumo rounds?
Anyway, if you still have some Ottilicious on you, maybe you could sneak in the STAFF's bed? If you remind them of how wonderful the smell is, they will surely regret giving you that bath.
yours, Gerlinde

Ottilicious said...

Dearest Gerlinde,

fear not, I have found something else this morning which allowed me to top up my Ottilicious Smell with a quick shoulder-drop-and-rub action. Aaaah. Beautiful!

I do hope everything went ok with Ruben at the v.e.t.s.?

And how are your ears now? Do you think double food and your own pillow would help?

Yours Schnuffi

Ruben von Zwack said...

Ooooh hello... what is this? ... cool place!

Say, you aren't that d-o-g mommy left us for in July, are you? When you say you smell good, I reckon you must smell like fish, so you must be nice.

Mommy G is really lazy tonight, lying on the sofa, watching a Roxy Music DVD and fantasizing about being Jerry Hall. She's moaning something about the Foehn, a wicked wind that comes from the Alps sometimes and causes headaches and insane crimes, and about working nonstop since last Friday, and about her shoulder being stiff and numb since carrying our fluffy little butts to the v-e-t's. But I think she is plain lazy.

Speaking about the v-e-t, I am so offended. So you got a new tooth for 1,900? Guess what Mommy said when they suggested a plain little CT for me, a bargain at only €600? So now you know what you have with your STAFF. Yes love is measured in cash.

Still, I am feeling much better. So much better in fact that I am chatting with Mommy day and night just like I used to, before Sita did that thing to my ear (though noone knows what exactly happened, I'm sure it was her! Or Mommy. One of them).

Mommy thinks she is really clever with hiding little pink pills in my food, but actually I don't give a dang! As long as it means lots and lots of Leberwurst. You don't even notice the pills in there. Sita was so jealous that she had a pill, too, and she agreed they don't taste like much at all. Only Mommy panicked when she noticed.

Ok, I have to go now. Sita is sitting on Mommy's stomach, they both look very comfy on the sofa, so I should go there, spread out flat across them and drool on Sita's fur. By the way, I feel generous, so Mommy can have my pillow, if it helps her ear. I will sit on her stomach all night instead.

Have a nice day, good smelling pal -
yours, Ruben
PS - can you send Mommy another bottle of that Sherry?

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Dearest Ruben,

wow, I have never ever talked to a c-a-t before. You are not at all what I imagined c-a-t-s to be like.

Have you had a CT scan? Are you still on pink little pills? I love getting medication. When I was in Bavaria a very nice v-e-t gave me 3 slices of cheese. Now, if they were all like that we would like them a lot more, right?

Speaking of pink little pills, do you have your Mommy's postal address? I'll get the STAFF to send your Mommy a nice bottle of sherry. THEY have enough of the stuff.

What's your favourite fish? Do you also like rolling in it before you eat it?

I hope all 3 of you are well!

Bye for now,