Saturday, 4 October 2008

aaaaah..autumn is here!

I love autumn. Don't you? It's still nice and dark in the morning when we get up now. I love it! I am sure the STAFF do, too, but I wish THEY would make more of an effort to look chirpy. I mean, what's not to like? We are like creatures of the night. And when we get to the woods the hunting is fantastic! There's foxes. Rabbits. And when the sun comes up the squirrels come out. Perfect!
Yesterday, I had a great find. Fearless hunter that I am, I was crashing through the undergrowth, sniffing here and there, when the scent hit me. It was just as well, the scent hit me before I stood on it, because it was a hedgehog I found. Yum! Trouble is, the stupid thing rolled up into a spiky little ball and I did not really fancy getting my chompers into that. But I knew what to do. Same as I do at home when I want something and the STAFF are a bit slow. So, I did a verrrry tidy sit. Works every time: do a tidy sit, look adorable and, hey presto, you get stuff. After a while I realised that this hedgehog had not received the memo on what to do when I do a tidy sit. Outrageously, it stayed curled up. Now, you'll agree that's not right!
I was not sure what do to next, so I was quite glad when the STAFF appeared on the scene. Glad that is, until THEY dragged me away from my prey. Now, why would you do that? I thought THEY were going to help me with that stubborn spiky fool!

Anyway, I didn't have much time to be outraged, because I got the scent of something else and I did not have time to tell the STAFF my frank opinion of their behaviour. I had to be off at high speed. 

I can see why the wildlife is scared of me, can't you? The STAFF took this picture of me today and I must say, in the dark I am p-retty scary. Excellent! Cower wildlife! 

I think I look like the Hound of the Baskervilles. Only better! And much more scary!

The STAFF were waddling at an even slower speed than usual today. I swear frozen treacle could flow uphill faster than those two. As, I said, THEY were even slower today, because THEY faffed with the camera and took some little films of my activities. Of course THEY couldn't get me on film whilst hunting. A) the great lumbering fools are too slow, B) I am too fast, and C) it's too dark. But, THEY did get a bit of footage. It's not very good, but I post it here out of pity. THEY do try very hard, bless them. And you never know, THEY might get better at this and do me more justice with their next attempt. You have to stay optimistic. Especially if you have STAFF like I do.


Tomorrow, I'll get THEM out of bed earlier again. Why would you want to stay in bed past 6am on such glorious days?

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