Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sleepy Sunseeker

Went around the Best Wood this morning. Nice crisp air. Foxes and squirrels to hunt. Sticks to chase. Life was just good. And then, when we were on the way back, I said to the STAFF "Hey, let's go around again!". Now, I always say this. Every time. It's just a joke, right! And nothing ever happens. We just go home. Have breakfast. Go to work or sleep, depending on your rank. Everyone is happy. So, when I said "Hey, let's go around again", that's what I expected to happen. BUT... one of the STAFF said to the other "Hey, let's do it. Let's just go around again". Ignoring the expression on the other member of STAFF's face, and the expression on my face (which is infinitely worse to ignore, because I am Chief of STAFF) off they went. "What?", I said. I mean: "I say, WHAT?!?". But there was nothing for it. I had to go around again.
Do they have NO sense of humour, I ask you? Can a guy not make an innocent joke without being exercised to the point of exhaustion?

Anyway, when we finally got home, I insisted that the furniture be moved. After all, you have to get into the sunshine whenever you can. And I was wearing the STAFFs socks. It helped me sleep.

I wonder what they have in store for tomorrow. I better rest to prepare...


Gerlinde said...

Dear Otto,

I am glad to see your poor paw is well again!

Have you ever found out who your secret admirers, the ones who left the ham for you, were?

I am so excited you are coming in Summer! Excited and full of ideas - will the STAFF bring their tent, their hiking gear and your sports coat?

On the rare occasions I have been in the mountains so far, it was not a sight to be proud of. Cursing and crying at the same time, on hands and knees, wishing I had never gone there; while those other weekenders, mainly little children and senior citizens, carefully tried not to step on me. On my desperate inquiries "how do I get down this (beep)ing path in these (beep)ing mountains?!" everyone said cluelessly "ehhh - well - just follow your feet, it comes all natural, really". Yeah right, naturally. Pfh.
But anyway, don't tell the STAFF! I'm determined to appear real casual in summer!

I was laughing loud at how you measure the hierarchy in your house. Who's going to work and who's going to sleep after breakfast, heehee! I read it to the cats, and they ask me to tell you that they measure the hierarchy in this house not only by who is going to work and who is going to sleep after breakfast, but also by "who sleeps on top of the pillow, no matter if it's already occupied". Isn't that cute? I sleep there of course! They are so sweet. Even though I'm not sure what they mean by "occupied".

Anyway, speaking of sleeping, I wonder why lately I often dream of warm fur filling my nose, mouth, and ears, and have this swollen head in the mornings as if a weight was sitting on my head all night. Maybe that winter down bed is getting too heavy.

Have a nice day, and send my greetings to the STAFF!

Schnuffbanana said...

Dear Gerlinde,

I am very much looking forward to climbing Bavarian mountains with you! I am a little concerned though what you might mean by that! After all, one of the STAFF has taken to climbing up walls in funny looking outfits. I really wouldn't like to partake in that kind of thing!
My advice for dealing with walking: skip ahead until you are out of sight, light down and have a rest, then look as though you have been running the whole time (but not out of breath, because very fit and all) as soon as people come around the corner. Repeat until everyone else feels slow and old and unfit. That's what I do.

I have taken your cats' advice and tried sleeping on the pillow. Quite comfy, but also, very small. What I don't understand is the whole "lying under the duvet"?! I have tried it and can tell you that it is much better to lie on top of it. I am sure you are not as stupid as the STAFF and sleep on top of your duvet, rolled in a little ball until the core temperature allows for some spreading and kicking (if objects/ people are in the way).

The STAFF are very excited about us visiting. I keep on telling them to organise things properly, but you know what they are like...

Anyway, must sleep more.

Take care

Love, Otto

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have found a great place to sleep. My Chloe loves to curl up under the blankets. We are glad to have found your blog!

Gerlinde said...

Dear Sir Schnuffbanana,

climbing up walls in funny gear? Which one of them would be so cra- I mean, adventurous, to do that?! Or, to put the question in a different way, why don't they both, as they seem quite equally adventurous to me?
To be perfectly honest, I have been looking for a nice route with no gradient! Or 0.05% maybe. That I could handle. Still didn't find such a route though. But I am sure it must exist, even in the mountains!

I tried your advice and slept on the duvet, rolled up in a neat ball. But I felt quite stiff in the back the next morning. And don't your feet and nose get really cold that way? I asked the cats if they'd mind joining and cuddling up a little, and usually they seem to quite like my bed, but they suggested if I was cold I should get myself a bottle of hot water.

Yours faithfully,

Otto the Weimaraner said...

Hey Erin! Wow, I have a friend in the USA! Wait until I tell the STAFF - they'll be green with envy. Hihi.

Saw the pictures of your snow photos. I think you are right to be a little scared of it.