Saturday, 1 September 2007

Hiking around Higger Tor

It was a really good walk today. I am often concerned when the STAFF get out the maps, boots and rucksack. They get us lost quite often. Even though I always have really good route suggestions!
Splashed in the river today. I love sorting pebbles. You pick the nicest one, extract it from the river bed and put it gently on the river bank. And then you go in for the next one. I could do this for hours!
The STAFF are always reluctant to join me in the water. But they seem pleased when I splash them - at least they make a lot of excited noise.

There was quite a bit of walking to be done, but I did have a chance to wee-mail some messages, got to admire the scenery and am now nicely back at home on my sofa. I'm trying to look very tired and hungry. The STAFF are bound to give me a nice big portion for dinner!

Next weekend we're going to the sheep dog trials. Maybe I can get a nice lamb then. It's my birthday on Monday, so the STAFF cannot say "no".

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