Sunday, 16 September 2007

Grizedale Forest... It's worse than Fanghorn!

We arrived in the Lakes and all was fine. Weather didn't look too good, so the STAFF suggested that we go to Grisefale Forrest. Great, I thought. Nice easy walking, squirrels, sticks, a bit of rain cover and maybe evern a rabbit or a fox. What's not to look forward to? Pah, I should've known the STAFF cannot be trusted!

You should've seen the scary things in that forrest! Massive sheep and spiders and the largest fox I ever have seen! I tried to look non-chalant. And it seems to have worked, becasuse I lived to type the tale.

But honestly, it was worse than the Fanghorn forrest in Lord of the Rings (I watched that with the STAFF).

And, there wasn't any raincover. So we all got soaked. And there was no towels left for the STAFF after I was dried off. That should teach them to bring more along next time!

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