Sunday, 26 August 2007

Of cows, lambs and the "joys" of walking

Cows. The bane of our Peak District hikes. They just don't like me. Once I got chased by them, which was scary. Now the STAFF avoid them, and sometimes we have to walk really long detours to get around them.

Now a nice little lamb. Yum! I would like me one of these. But I always have to have the STAFF on a lead when there's sheep about. Don't know why. And they are too heavy to drag behind when going after a juicy lamb. I know, I tried. Sometimes the STAFF are just annoying!

In any case, I was not going to smile when they had made me walk all the way up the hill. There was no food up here and then I just had to walk all the way down again. Now, if I'd had a lamb, I might have felt more enthusiastic about it...

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