Saturday, 25 August 2007

Looking forward to my holidays

I just noticed that the STAFF have got out the Lake District maps. This can only mean that we are going on holiday again soon. Excellent! I went to the Lakes in June and had a fab time. Lots of paddling. No cows (they don't like me). Lots of walking. And quality time to spend with the STAFF. I just hope Oma comes along. She's related to the STAFF somehow. She thinks they don't feed me enough (I couldn't agree more!) and gives me extras. Also, she strokes me for hours. Oma is the best!

I just hope they won't tire me out too much again. When I went with Oma and the STAFF to the Yorkshire Dales they just went walking all the time. I feel asleep over my dinner one evening, and my head dropped into my bowl. How embarrassing! I only hope that no one saw...

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